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Only last week we buried a former West Side Symphony member, three days ago we lost another Michael Reese aka Savage.Like deceased Michael (Birde) King he too was one of our good and talented  Panorama, Music Festival and Stage Side players. My sympathy and prayers goes out to his family. Rest in Peace my Brother.


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They say Death comes in three's, lets hope it does not happen, (cause I might be on the list)

Bede wey yuh wah run from, the man aint ready 4 you as yet, still time 4 U 2 decide if yuh want to go upstairs or downstairs.

I know I am going downstairs, is no way I can go upstairs, I have a phobia, I am afraid of heights, lol

Only fire downstairs boi, plus D man wid D fork only forkin yuh up. lmao!

I did enough of that now it's his turn

My prayers goes out to his family, may he rest in peace

Condolences to the families and to the extended family of West Side Symphony. 

Condolences to the family of the deceased.

Condolences to the family of Savage. We were in class together at Mucurapo Boys, played football in the "Poor House" and enjoyed great times in our younger days. He remained a class act and was a wonderful individual. RIP my brother; Gone too soon!

Peter if you went "Boy School"and you played foot ball in the "Poor House" I too played in the Poor House but went

 to Akal, maybe I know you boi.

My condolence to the family, close relatives and members of West Side Symphony Steel Orchestra. May his soul rest in peace.


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