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Desperadoes Steel Orchestra and Arranger Carlton “Zanda” Alexander Win!

Finals Results - Large Conventional Steel Orchestras - Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2016

1. 285 Desperadoes

2. 284 Supernovas

3. 283 Phase II Pan Groove

3. 283 BP Renegades

5. 281 CAL Invaders 

6. 280 All Stars

7. 277 Silver Stars

8. 276 Redemption

9. 272 Fonclaire

10. 266 Skiffle 

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Fantastic, Desperadoes sound like a different band from the semi finals, fantastic arrangement every thing was so clean and clear, I am just sad that I was not there to see and here them play.
I have bean coming home for carnival for 27 years straight and of all the year I had to to miss was this year, I am very very happy but in some ways sad because I was not there, I hope this WIN can in some way bring some PEACE and happiness on the hill.
Well done boys and girls of WITCO DESPERADOS.
Anthony Blondell
London England.

i agree with you Anthony, I heard them in the semis and they sounded different, I said to myself they sound good....congrats to Despers

Despers. are back, CONGRATULATIONS. Excellent arrangement by Zanda and well executed by the band.

Finally, they got it right.

No way Despers beat Phase 2. Just saying.

Behave yuhself …let people like yuh boy…Despers should have won by more than one point…just the sound of the band alone was sufficient to gain more points…raw power…I'm still hearing it in my head from all those hours ago...

Thats all you are hearing boy, power not sweet music. Supernovas beat them too.

I strongly agree with you my brother that's why i am so angry with the bullshit format by which panorama is being judged.Politics and bias plays a major role in determining who had the best performance.In my opinion you cannot judge Boogsie because he is playing his own music and personally i do not think the socalled judges understand his music.

The man won Panorama many times. What exactly is your point?
Sour grapes?
Junia predicted Fonclaire and Skiffle bringing up the rear. Skiffle was not impressive.

Skiffle peaked in the Semis…it happens sometimes...

It's the churchyard. Well deserved, C congratulations to Despers.


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