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Did KEITH DIAZ instruct THE JUDGES to lowball SAN CITY STEELBAND and Aquil Arrindell and eliminate them from the SEMIS on Sunday?

The young SAN CITY PLAYERS who worked so hard to get to the NEXT LEVEL are now left twiddling their thumbs and shedding tears (eliminated) as they sit on the sidelines and watch the battle for the TOP PRIZE unfold. Some people are saying that KEITH DIAZ instructed the judges "make sure that San City does not make it to the next round" because their leader is a POLITICAL ENEMY.

Now, to be honest, I tried to listen to the SAN CITY version of "YEAR FOR LOVE" but I did not get very far.

However, this accusation leaves me a little concerned as to the possibility of COLLUSION. And, as we all know, there is a lot of that going on all over RUSSIA and AMERICA right now. So, why not PANORAMA.

On the other hand, Gregory Lindsay's band made it to the SEMIS and Gregory is a rabid political opponent of THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ. Or maybe (just maybe) Aquil Arrindell is not as good an arranger as he thinks he is -- I will have to discuss that with the HIGHLY RESPECTED PAN HISTORIAN and PAN AFICIONADO: The Great RUSSELL PROVIDENCE!!!

After spending the WHOLE WEEK campaigning for the THREE YANKEE ARRANGERS to win the PANORAMA based on their brilliant musical interpretation of "HELLO" (much the best) I would hate to know that the RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ was secretly telling the judges: We eh ready for that BIG FORWARD STEP in the PANORAMA as yet!!!"

Now, everybody know that I eh no big TWO LEFT SMITH fan -- but after all the man do for his whole lifetime promoting PAN in Europe ... Keith Diaz coulda tell the judges to PUT the man in the SEMIS on SUNDAY -- even for HISTORICAL PURPOSES. What is one more band when yuh done have GOD KNOWS how many all competing on ONE DAY.

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Well The same way You are asking for Bands to be put in for sentimental and Historical reasons certain Bands are kept out! You are encouraging nonsense!

Jeff Medina

I would not judge bands who stand aside and nothing, because not all bands have bandleaders who have the courage to say and do something when they know our leaders doing wrong.

That is why Trinidad is becoming a crime ridden, we see wrong and do nothing and only it hit home our mouths open. Imaging, it so bad, the people who fighting against the injustice are now being accused of "encouraging nonsense". by the ppl they fighting for. lol.    

Some will accept injustice to others, they will even accept it for themselves, just to get in a panorama.

it is bit like prostitution to me.

but again, to each his own.

bending and touch my toe to take any thing ppl want to give me is not my style. 

and it will not be for anyone under my umbrella.

you can take it for us.

have your panorama.

tell me if you enjoy it when they are done with you.

A mean cowards will always be cowards, and i am cool with that.

Aquil Arrindell


San City is made up of youths that Aquil have been working hard with not just for Panorama but throughout the year. The band is very disciplined and performed good enough to go on to the next round. Eliminating San City was a low blow by the judges to these youths . A few of the bands that made it to the Semis don’t deserve to be there . Aquil is a positive hard working arranger and school teacher so who is Pan Trinbago hurting here . Karma is a bitch from John John ! Stink and Dutty ! Ah gone Claude Gonzales and ah feel bad for my boy Aquil and those youths from Sando . 

"hard working arranger and school teacher so who is Pan Trinbago hurting here ". go to the front of the class Mr. Atrhur...

but the nice part is, my youths, they are picking up the same militant attitude. 

just image San City produce ten just like me in the next five years.........

well well well.....

i am sorry for those who rub us the wrong way in the near future.

hopefully by then there are no more wars to fight. 

don't feel bad for us... because we ain't.

Aquil: Ah fellah who did not know nothing about you hear your "YEAR FOR LOVE" on facebook and start to wonder how you were left out of the SEMIS. Is only when he came on this forum and saw that it was political retribution working against you that the picture became clear to him.

So you have a BIG FAN in Anthony Joseph!!!

But I eh going back and listen to nothing -- TOO MUCH AH PAN FOR ME.

ppl call and messaging me 24 o since the results expressing the same sentiment. we deliberate did a  FINAL NIGHT PERFORMANCE in the prelims so ppl can see that the thing real. In one of my article I spoke about the president met my treasure and told him " once I in San City, nothing for we". again that is why they can control me or my band because we want nothing but to get this executive out.

anthony joseph where is he from..... tell him, to sent me a friend request on FB

De Fella went into the competition lacking confidence, and mamaguyed his young charges with that dotish video he published on the world wide web. Is that how a leader prepare children (that being another topic altogether) for any competition?

De Fella went into the competition attempting to pre-empt the independence of the judges, and prejudged his band disadvantageously even before playing one demisemiquaver.

De Fella went up against adults full of confidence in their ability to go forward, with a band of little children (that is another topic altogether), whose confidence he destroyed by going public with a video suggesting that they were embarking on an exercise in futility.

De Fella continues to "cry down" Panorama yet makes a herculean sacrifice to enter.

Fella,  yuh pardner from de west is a criminal, based on what I would have gathered from his communications, if "he tell yuh to stand still, run fuh yuh life". 

De Fella should have learnt by now that, "fren does carry yuh, buh doh bring yuh back".

Poor fella.

ha ha, you sticking with your guns.

That video was to just call it out before it happen, nothing else, and it work perfectly. i brought national focus to our band and because of it everyone paid attention to what we presented and now have an opinion on our situation.

Someone as brilliant as you should of seen that strategy from miles away.

I could not convince the judges to go against what they were put there to do. it would of been the end for them. remember i told you that i know, is not a committee that pick the judges. So i don't blame them. The discussion is ongoing now. The more they attempt to do to me is the worst it becomes for them.


As a former executive member of Pan Trinbago, are you saying to the general public that you know for a fact that the Panorama judging system is rigged, and manipulated by the president of Pan Trinbago who determines the outcome of all competitions based on whether he wakes up with an erection one morning or not?

So why is Scobie's band not making the finals?

The judges are independent professionals, and your quarrel with Diaz and Pan Trinbago should not allow you to drag their professionalism into your bachannal, and into the gutter. That is regrettable. Do you believe that Gregory subscribes to that hypothesis? Do you believe that the silent sympathizers of your cause subscribe to that reasoning? Don't be a sore loser, up your game, stop "crying down" Panorama, and design ways to become more competitive like The Big 5 + 2 (Skiffle and SUPERNOVAS) have. 

Come on Aquil, stop that nonsense, get off your tail, dust yuh pants bottom, continue with your excellent program, and better prepare your charges for another shot at the savannah party, an appearance at the world cup of pan.

Russell...is Claude and Bugs that have him talking all dat rubbish...

Mr. Providence i am saying is not no committee picking the judges. You all, can say the rest. Call your panda and ask which committee approved the final  judges list?  if he say they was a committee, ask him which one other person comprise of that committee. i sure is not brother Scobs. lol. 

For everybody else who want to put alyuh head in the  sand and pretend the every thing hunky dory on this topic is find with them but i have seen enough.

and i am not making an issue out of it Mr. Providence, i did not wrote any article, we had good laugh in the pan yard about it. as a matter fact the band is already engaging on it next project. 

My first contribution to the discussion was to much emphasis on panorama

I just like the discussion, so i am adding my two cents. lol. 

Mr. claude get me in yuh baccanal 



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