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...But not only was the show poor in terms of content, it was poor by all other standards as well. The production values were nowhere near where they should be for a show that is supposed to be the pinnacle of the Greatest Show on Earth. Lighting and sound were poor.

Once more, the format proved unentertaining. It was long, loose and baggy. Offensively so.

Perhaps the length of the show was due to how many people sued to get into the finals...

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Agree 100%! the whole Carnival production needs proper and sound management. If you are at the main venue or in your homes,through TV, you become thoroughly disgusted and even embarrassed by the many inexplicable hiccups.

Bring back the Kings and Queens of the bands finals on Dimanche Gras night and have the Calypso Monarch Finals at Skinners Park on carnival Sunday night. The tourists are not into the local Calypsoes and besides you will draw a much larger and appreciated crowd down in Sando like the Calypso Fiesta.

Arthur, I like your suggestion. 

Disappointing is an understatement. frustrating, lame, and seems like they were prepared for the awards given to some amazing people, no mike on the stage so no one could hear what was being said. Geez,  this is 2017 after all. It was poorly done. Like the Parade of Bands! Oy!

Everything about Carnival is disappointing, and there is no desire to fix anything. I'm afraid no one cares about anything in the land, everything is broken.

So true. Yesterday one band leader said there is no story to be told,with that mentality we lose our traditions and adapt a dont care attitude.
One good thing about everything is that you could not get anything overseas. So allyuh get the same thing we got.......nutten.
Focus on the money and that's what you get.

Disappointing production of Soca Monarch also.  

If you are a Trini, and you want to have a good time, go to Trinidad for Carnival.  It is a great homecoming and an occasion to free up yourself.  As far as a show, our Carnival is definitely not one!  It is highly disorganized and the quality of the product is poor.  Although the organization of Panorama is not good, it is the only show I enjoy.  The pan was fantastic this year. It was pan in yuh pwefen!  After listening to a few calypsoes in the Calypso Monarch, I turned off my computer.  I had enough. For many years now, most of topics are about - who can bad talk the government or politicians more. That is it! 

Since I know myself, there has been criticism of the flow of the bands on Carnival Days.  Actually, in the 1960s, there was smoother movement of bands.  It is amazing how parades like Macy’s and Rose Bowl are so coherent and timely.  The floats, balloons, bands, etc. know that they only have about one minute to perform at a certain point (like our stage), and this it is done so cohesively.  I am not trying to suggest that we get to that point, but we need to achieve some level of efficiency – maybe like Brazil.  If we are trying to make it a parade, all the bands would have to move along one route.  The Children Carnival does a decent job of that.

Well, I really do not know what to say.  If you start making suggestions, Trinis are going to tell you, “We like it so.”  Therefore, I gather, you just need to leave it alone, and enjoy it as it is.    

The fact is , calypso and soca needs to re-marry.

It seems like there was a split up within the calypso art-form , with all the rhythm , joy and excitement going into soca , leaving the lyrical content to the calypsonians.

However , in their efforts to be both lyrical and topical , calypsonians have become boring , making the calypso portion of Dimanche Gras more like a documentary than like entertainment.

A listing of all the ills of Trinidad society , with little of the joy that still exists within that society seems out of place on Carnival Sunday night.

There is a reason that the tune "Full Extreme " dominated the carnival with its positive message.

Yes , we know times are tough and , we have problems , but we're still hopeful , still fighting the good fight.

"We jamming still"

My opinion is that the Dimanche Gras should be a celebration of the best.

The best singers ,  music, steelbands , costumes etc.

If there is any attempt to create a show in Trinidad to meet international entertainment standards , the annual Dimanche Gras show , in spite of the fact that it has been around for decades , remains a colossal failure. 

Agree totally. Disappointment with the Dimanche Gras show and the whole Carnival production suggests a don't care attitude or we like it so culture that have emerged lately.Take a look at Brazilian Carnival or the Aruba Carnival production.

After so many years We still cant get it right. It's called "The Greatest Show on Earth". WOW iiiii


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