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Has pan lost's it's IDIOM?  because in this 2015 panorama, I have heard the worst " tone of pan's" in my entire life, it seem's as though pan has gone back to 1936 when "Carlton (sonny) Roach" discovered different tone's close to the rim of his Klim milk tin, very few bands music were balance, there were two much basses, and or iron's, and not enough front line tenors, the basses cause a kind of density or crowdedness, which is dissonance/noise, tuner's in natural air, sound travels at a rate of 340 meters per second, over water at a rate of 1400 meters per second, and on steel over 5000 meters per second, faster than the sound of a supersonic jet, LESSON'S IN TUNING the PETERSON STROBASCOPE is just a guide to let U know where U R, ther'e 8 temperment files on your PETERSON STROBE, one is for the pan, piano, tuba, guitar, mandolin, woodwind etc, read your manuel and it will take U to where U need to be, and another thing, the STROBE picks up U R hammering every time  U strike the pan, let it subside so U can get a correct/accurate reading, one more more thing, harmonic tuning is for string instrument's, the pan is NOT A STRING INSTRUMENT, harmonic is mostly for guitar's guitar string's are E A D G B E open string, to tune the E with the B, U slide the B string 6 frets down which will bring U to the E note, now match that E note to the open string note, both E's should sound the same, that is HARMONIC TUNING, AND NOT HARMONICS,


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Wow! Boy! Am I edefied? much gratitude 

Heavy I will like to be around a tuner and ask questions about this process, as you know everyone have there own take

Mr. Jordan is a tuner. Which tuner would you like to be "around"?

Hi Claire Charles and Patrick,I would think that Mr. Jordan is the best person to be around to ask questions about the process, so you should request of him to tell you what band or bands he tunes for to make the arrangements.

Many bands were given 10 out of 10 or 9 out of 10 for tonal quality on the final night. Many people who listened on the radio or internet found that the tonal quality was not all that good. The sound system is set up for the people in the grand stand/north stand and of course the judges to hear properly and the microphones are strategically placed among the bands for that purpose. Radio stations are not a part of that and have to do their own thing.

go to, www.philtulga.com/harmonic.html      check the harmoic series for yourself.   This is the first time that I'm hearing about that method of tuning a guitar, and that harmonics is only for string instruments. I have seen many Guitarist tune their guitars and what they do is put their finger at a particular point on the string that is being tuned ( about 1/3 of the sting ) and pluck it lightly to hear the harmonic of that string. That is HARMONIC TUNING.  Any musical note can have harmonics, it's natural and sometimes automatic. Someone please correct me. One more thing, the strobe is just a guide for having the notes at the proper pitch, the tambre, or tone or the strength of the note is up to the Pan tuner.

Mr. Gerard Clarke, I have been informed that Mr. Jordan did in fact make and tune pans. The fact that he hasn't done any lately does not negate said fact that he is a tuner. I don't think one forgets how to tune a pan.

Mr. Jordan said during this panorama "I have heard the worst "tone of pans" in my entire life". One cannot question what someone else heard. WHAT HE HEARD IS WHAT HE HEARD, whether it is on the radio or live.

Mr. Jimi Phillip, you said that "one more thing, the strobe is just a guide" etc, Mr. Jordan also said: the strobe is "just a guide".

It is important that we be objective in our criticisms, lest we be argumentative. I hold no brief for Mr. Jordan, so I look at the article from a different perspective, non-sarcastic at this time..

The bass solos and prominence are a feature of recent panoramas....part of the diversification and development of the pan.  

Yes!  It is the very high resonance sound of rubber tipped sticks on tempered steel that creates this dissonance of which you speak.  And it is this dissonance  (to the unfamiliar ear) that makes it so difficult for Steel Orchestra music to make that global breakthrough  we hope for.

Mr. Patrick Ramdoo, I never indicated that Mr. Jordan did not or was not a tuner. as a matter of fact I am aware that he did even perhaps before your good self having been around pan for more than five decades and the tuning aspect for more than three.I simply suggested to Claire Charles that he (in my view) would be the best person to be around to ask questions about the process as she requested,so if he tells her where or for whom he tunes she can make a convenient hook up. If what he heard is pan gone back to 1936, then that's what he heard.

Jimi, you don't need correcting. I see this as a "leave alone topic" on this forum. I'll just read comments/statements as of if they come. Lack of involvement /knowledge in the tuning business would not create understanding.


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