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Do Something for the ordinary Panman and Pan woman

The Panorama preliminary round  in Trinidad was around the weekend of Jan,17,18,19,20 (2013)

The end of Panorama season was a month later in February.Today is April 2nd. the stipend of $1000.00 TT to the ordinary Pan player who participated in the preliminary round has not yet been given to them. ...What is the reason for this....no one in the executive of the Steelpan organization waits for more than a month for their payments or salaries ....why hold back this small bit of money ( much less than $200. 00US) from the ordinary players  This money was already allocated by the government months ahead...C'mon ... you guys....you can do better than that ...Do something for the ordinary Pan players ....Just Pay Them Now


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This sounds good I must say, We should really look into this, for one thing, PUT TERM LIMITS ON THE LEADERSHIP!!!!! This sounds good to me Moe,and let Pan Trinbago self destruct. GOOD IDEA!!!!

Methinks GDG has addressed these issue in his Blueprint, n'est-ca-pas???  D

Andre i have just read Mr Godard's document and i am happy that we have Visionaries in the pan movement. As a young man that works in a pan Institute and also as a panist in an orchestra where we entertain at least three times a week i have a deep passion toward the upliftment of all panist.  I am treated as a professional by my orchestra and treated any how by Pantrinbago. Are they really representing us...... panists.

Mr McQuilkin,

You came in the Forum and you commented on most everything that was put to you, It's the first time I've see any member of PT engage in a discussion in this manner, much appreciated.

Mr. Salah it is time to take your grievances to the UN. If this was happening in China or Afghanistan our response would be very different. This is simply abuse. Trinidad should be embarrassed. Take it to a world stage. You can't let your young people down.

Thanks Salah for speaking out for the ordinary pan player ??Bless

Thank you guys ,,,, but it is everyone's contribution including McQuilkin's ..it does not matter what side of the fence everyone is on for this particular issue. A special thanks to WST for having this Forum available.

On the issue itself according to McQuilkin cheques are being printed and signed and next week we should have some action on the payment to the ordinary Pan players ...and that was what this was all about ... that was the simple issue

peace & respect to all


After all is said and done the fact remains that PanPeople in T&T have to be vigilant about how they are treated by their own steelbands or The World Governing Body, they must stand up and speak out. 

so true cecil and I believe the time is now


Absolutely. : 'How they are treated by their own steelbands".

Since my acceptance on When Steel talks i have spent some time reading all the comments on this topic and i am very happy that Mr. Wilson decided to bell the cat on behalf of us panists.

From what i gather the treasurer if pantrinbago is pushing blame on NCC but as far as i Know the President of Pantrinbago is a board member on Ncc and has the voice for pan on the board. It means therefore that our representation by Mr Diaz is Poor because if Mr wilson did no ask a Question we would not have Known what was happening.

Whenever we ask about our money all the leaders tell us is that pan ent pay yet. They themselves are not aware of what is happening and the secretary Mr Forteau has not communicated with the bands nor the Regions. We have to wait untill the 14th April when their meeting is held to get an explanation. Is'nt that disrespect. Where is Mr Diaz the NCC member, he is the one to Answer. Is it true he is in another African Country? Is he aware that the money means a lot to us single mothers who are in the pan yards every night for two months? Come Mr Diaz Stop flying and as Boogsie say " Do somthing for pan or take your photo and go. Diaz is Ncc not Mcquilkin let him answer.

I am just wondering, when the Steel bands get the Stipend, do each and every member that played in the Panorama  received it, for instance the players that live abroad, do the steel band mail them their money? Or they keep it for themselves? (JUST WONDERING)


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