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I am really curious about that commentary!!!

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The Judges will never get it right, Phase 2  and Boogsie #1 always.


Forget hater Claude. Congrats to Despers. Still had the Phase winning it.

What should they have to say Claude?…if anything atall…

Well, Merrytones, everybody talk plenty plenty about the panorama for months in full detail. And suddenly everybody seems awfully silent. Personally, I thought that it was an EXCELLENT  performance (only topped by Skiffle and Liam) and I am not a BOOGSIE FAN and I did not like the composition itself.

Everybody silent because dey happy Despers win…you self should know how seasonal support for pan is in T&T…everybody loves a winner…I personally don't share you sentiments about Skiffle (especially)…but say wha?…to each his own…I lean on the side of good music and Despers was un-beatable on Saturday and I dare say by more than one point too...

Señor Gonzales:
".....an excellent performance (only topped by Skiffle and Liam????????) and I am not a BOOGSIE FAN and I did not like the composition itself."

Really? ––– Is that your imagination again? WoW!!!

Permit me to quote you from a prior post,
"My imagination could barely stretch this country band into 3rd place on finals night. The HEADLINES have already been published: PHASE II WINS PANORAMA!!!"

Amigo, 2 quick points regarding the above:
1). The judges overrode your imagination and deemed this country band worthy of 2nd place on finals night, and,
2). PHASE II did not win Panorama.

ps. I would be remiss if I did not commend you on the post you initiated on January 28, 2016 at 7:13 pm.
Very interesting and entertaining.
Thanks again.


Doctor deLight: A man of your intellectual stature knows that there is more than a grain of salt in every pot. When the PANORAMA begins you put on new OBJECTIVE ears and you listen. Amrit came through that night and Liam came through that night. And the BROOKLYN ARRANGERS excelled beyond the mind of the judges.

BOOGSIE EXCELLED!!! And, again, I repeat: I am not a BOOGSIE FAN!!!

I will address all that SENTIMENTALITY driving this acceptance of the DESPERADOES VICTORY later.

It is unfortunate that we are so caught up in Steelband rivalry that we sometimes lose the ability to appreciate what other Steelbands or arrangers are doing musically. I've always felt that the rivalry should end after the last band performs, ON STAGE. This is a forum for lovers of pan and anyone who makes a contribution towards this cause, should be commended. Bashing of contributors to the artform,is something that baffles me, especially in this forum. (Check out my contribution on 10/30/2015 to the topic "Is it band or is it arranger. Robert Greenidge leaves Desperadoes!")

Congratulations,to Desperadoes on their win.Better luck next year Boogsie,,it was great,,,come back and "rough it up"for the win next year. To the Phase 11 ,and Boogsie haters,,,,,"who God Bless,No man curse" All you haters ,only jealous of Phase11 and Boogisie s,success,over the years. We still love yous though,BLESSINGS.

Morning Glory, eloquently and succinctly put!!!
I consider Boogsie Sharpe a blessing to T&T. Sharpe's music is ALWAYS a challenge to the ear; He is willing to push the boundaries of musical knowledge.
I played tenor in the band for 2006 to 2013 and at NO TIME was I able to take notes (scales and chords) or patterns and say that I played that already, yet one poster SWEARS that there is nothing different in "Madd Music". I study these pieces personally after Panorama, for my own musical enrichment and I wonder what on earth these people want from this man. I wonder whether Mozart's music has no difference from one composition to the other.
I would LOVE the persons who know that it is "semi-musical BS" to enlighten us with a few lines and progressions from THEIR musical creations; I am ALWAYS looking for interesting new music. The one who swore there is no difference can probably point us to positions in particular arrangements where he is hearing "the same thing". I am always willing to learn, I am not always willing to be subjected to acrimonious venting resulting from, as you put it so bluntly, jealousy (I think envy as well) of a naturally gifted musical phenomenon. The nice thing about music though is that EVERYONE deserves the music they enjoy!!!! Thanks to Claude as well for the original post and his contributing posts.

Well said.


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