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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased an old pan that seemed to be a rather old Invaders style tenor. Once I had some time to really go through the pan I discovered that there are only 13 notes around the outside instead of the typical 14 for the Invaders pan. I does have the F# in the center, 3 more small notes in the center, and 11 notes in the second ring of notes. There is just one note missing from the outside ring. Also the sizing of the notes do not really seem like they would correspond with the Invaders pitch layout. For instance, the high D and E on the outside ring are 5.25" and 4.75" respectively. 

There are just too many things here that are not adding up, and it's really starting to confuse me. Let me know if anybody out there has any thoughts on this.


Matt Potts

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Great suggestion, I will definitely try to talk with them tomorrow!


Hey everybody,

So I got a chance to talk with Cliff and show him the pan. Turns out it is does have a low B. I'll try to add a picture of the pitches that are now written on the pan.



Sorry this took so long, but here is the picture with the notes written in.

Thanks again for all the feedback on this and information!

Matt Potts

Wow. Okay, so it is mostly an Invader pan. The notes that are moved are E5, D5, and C#5. This could be an incremental step towards the 3rd and 4ths layout (the hybrid between Invader and fifths). Actually, it looks like it could have a pretty good sound.

Yes, ... definitely an Invaders "low B" tenor.   Thanks for labelling.



The old Invaders tenor carried 15 notes on the outer with a low B.Later on some tuners dropped the low B and started from C.Some had 18 notes on the inner up to a high G others had less.

The Invader pan going clockwise was C F A C# D E G B B Eb E G# C# D Bb

On the inner going anti clockwise was C Eb F# G# E B F G D A C

 In the center was F# and around it was Bb C# Eb F F# G (33 notes) some tuners did not go as high as G others dropped the low B

Your pan is missing the D on the outer left after C# and E on the outer right after Eb

Your inside is a bit different.


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