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Dr. Pat Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago has passed

When Steel Talks extends condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the great Dr. Pat Bishop.  She was a true champion of the steelpan instrument, its music and of culture in general.  Dr. Bishop passed away on Saturday August 20 after collapsing at a high-level meeting of her peers in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, convened with the aim of furthering the country’s culture.

Many are sharing their thoughts, memories and knowledge of this irreplaceable individual and historic cultural activist in the realm of the steelband art form, and overall culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

Take the opportunity to leave words of your own, and consider and draw from those of others - all in the When Steel Talks Network forum.

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On behalf of Salah's Steelpan Academy of Montreal, we extend our condolences to the family and friends and the people of Trinidad & Tobago on the passing of the music and Steelpan legend  Dr. Pat Bishop... I have had my personal interaction with Pat over the years and I am honoured to have known her to have visited her home and to have had  consultations on Pan related issues. Like someone previously said Pat Bishop will be missed way beyond the shores of Trinidad & Tobago.

May Allah have mercy on your soul Pat....R.I.P.


When one fulfills one's purpose on earth, as the late Pat Bishop certainly did, one does not die, but moves on to occupy a higher realm from which lessons taught would be continually caught. May her soul find that place of eternal life. May God strenghten her family, friends,associates and loved ones to rest in the peace of this. God bless!
I can only echo the sentiments already expressed here; Pat was an amazing, inspiring leader and teacher, who with her talent, drive and charisma worked tirelessly to draw fantastic and almost unbelievable performances from so many groups and individuals. She helped me to form my own vision of pan which I can only hope in some small way I can pass on to my bands and pan pupils. Her influence spread far beyond the shores of T+T and will be missed the world over. My deepest sympathies go Gillian and her close friends as well as Conrad, who always made my visits to the Bishop house so comfortable and welcoming. Rest in peace, true friend.
My deepest condolences to her family and the Steel band world, one of the few people who say it as it is.
I mourn the loss of this great daughter of the soil, and add my voice of condolence to her immediate family in their bereavement. I am sure there are many like me who never knew Pat Bishop, but feel bereaved also at her passing. I do not know a more eloquent voice when it comes to the arts and to pan. As a nation we will miss her. And there is none to fill her shoes. I pray though that we will continue to produce other great sons and daughters with the ability to interpret us to ourselves, and to represent us as well as she did in such places as Carnegie Hall. We will miss her.

-- Big Sid

PS. If anyone has audio or video of the Desperadoes appearance at Carnegie Hall, it would be great if you could post it. I also looked all over youtube for the 300-man steelband at the Cricket World Cup, but could not find it. That would be great too.
On behalf of The Pan Fantasy Steelband, RIP in peace Pat Bishop, and our condolences to the family and friends of Miss Bishop. May God grant you peace.

While I was totally distraught to learn of Pat Bishops death, and the dark void her physical departure appears to have left  for us in the region, on another level I know, as Matheno said:

"Death is no enemy of man, it is a friend who, when the work of life is done, just cuts the cord that binds the human boat to earth, that it may sail on smoother seas.

No language can describe [ Pat's] worth, but she was not called hence until her tasks were done.

The calls of death are always for the best, for we are solving problems there as well as here; and one is sure to find oneself where one can solve one's problems best.

Then let [Pat] rest in peace.  Just let her noble life be strength and inspiration unto you.'"

We mourn the passing of a true champion and icon in the sphere of culture, music and pan
I have read the statement of the late Dr Pat Bishop which is factual, thus at the said time i  had looked at one of her performances,  [[[[PROFESSIONALISM ]]]]now i do hope that  T&T knows what they have lost  and would encourage more females towards achieving the standards, possibly bypassing that of the late  Dr Pat Bishop, those that are disking the steelpan in England can place any existing orchestra in their possession alongside the steelpan,and experience the warmth,confidence,happiness,outpoured joy and musical reaction while playing the STEELPAN, it,s not sitting in a chair as a robot and shaking your shoulders,,for those that do underestimate or do not value, regard or respect the steelpan let me blankly state THIS  IS  A  GIFT  FROM  GOD, AND I AIN,T SEE NO  COMPANY  OR MANUFACTURER AS YET THAT CAN PRODUCE THE EXACT REPLICA OF THE STEELPAN,,WHO VEX ,,VEX  YO SPOILING YO OWN FACE  AND AH  REFERING SPECIFICALLY TO THOSE THAT ARE TRYING TO DISRESPECT THE STEELPAN IN ENGLAND..

My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Dr Pat Bishop and the entire pan movement in Trinidad and Tobago  and the Pan world in general.


May Pat rest peacefully,,,,,,she deserves it...!!!!!!!

A true Icon, a formidable woman. Pat Bishop will be missed for her attention to detail and as a true perfectionist. She is the definition of the song 'woman 'is boss'. My condolences to the family of Dr Pat Bishop.




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