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The most melodic song in the PANORAMA is IRON LOVE. So if ZANDA does things right, he should be able to WIN THE PANORAMA. And, the song being about iron, any kind of CREATIVE BREAK DOWN a couple times in the arrangement could deliver the GRAND PRIZE. But I don't expect DESPERADOES to reach the MUSICAL HEIGHTS that this song offers.

RENEGADES will WIN with an OVER-ARRANGED version of HOOKIN MEH. I will not be impressed because I despise this trademark approach that DUVONE has brought to the game. But PAN LOVERS (local and foreign) fall hard for that kind of stuff.

ALL STARS: Their time has come and gone. Until they get a YOUNG NEW ARRANGER -- they WIIL NOT WIN with their SAME OLE STUFF.

PHASE II: NO CHANCE OF WINNING!!! There is only ONE WAY that BOOGSIE could win another PANORAMA -- but I cannot get into that on this posting.

Now, for my BIG DISAPPOINTMENT: SKIFFLE. They made two STRATEGIC errors!!! That crawl through the song in the YARD PERFORMANCE was a dagger in the heart right at the start. And the tune of choice was the end of the WAPPOI. Going head to head with DUVONE was the only way to beat him. It would have given the judges a chance to hear a calypso played in  calypso at Carnival Time instead of some attempted classical version of a Calypso.

And then there is EXODUS. There is nothing that EXODUS can do to win a PANORAMA until they get a YOUNG NEW ARRANGER. It is true that RAG STORM was a WRONG CHOICE, but SAVANNAH GRASS is not going to be their salvation. By the way, when last did EXODUS win a PANORAMA?


The rest of the BANDS have ZERO CHANCE of WINNING. And for that reason PAN TRINBAGO should change the PANORAMA FINALS to 5 LARGE and 5 MEDIUM BANDS and provide some HIGH LEVEL entertainment -- to compliment the STEELBAND PERFORMANCES -- that might win some MORE GLOBAL VIEWERS.

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Mr. A.L. Nunes: I totally appreciate your detailed explanation of the arrangement and its development. As a matter of fact, I think that it should be a STAND ALONE topic with even further extrapolation from YOU and DUVONE. It could greatly benefit THOUSANDS of PAN LOVERS -- the world over.

But I just happen to see myself as coming from a CALYPSO PLACE!!!

And please tell DUVONE STEWART that at the HEIGHTS OF HIS SUCCESS -- if he can find a little space for my friend MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE in the ARRANGEMENT BUSINESS -- to please help out the man, nah.

I like civil discussion and I can read that coming off the screen from your postings!!!



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