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Finals Order of Appearance for International Panorama

1. Gunslingers – St. Martin
2. BP Renegades – Trinidad
3. NGC Steel Xplosion- Tobago
4. Calypsociation Steelband – France
5. Mosiac Steel Orchestra – USA...
6. Curepe Scherzado – Trinidad
7. Ebony Steelband Trust – England
8. Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Grove – Trinidad
9. Pan Elders – Trinidad
10. Panorama Steel Orchestra – Japan
11. UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra – Jamaica
12. Super Novas – Trinidad
13. Pan Fantasy Steelband - Canada
14. NLCB Buccooners – Tobago
15. Brooklyn Steel Orchestra – USA
16. Trinidad All Stars – Trinidad
17. EXODUS – Trinidad
18. Pan Time Steel Orchestra – St. Lucia
19. PSC NItrogern Silver Stars- Trinidad
20. Pan Coalition – USA
21. Arima Golden Synphony – Trindad
22. Starlift Steel Orchestra – ST. Vincent
23. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps- Trinidad
24. Salah’s Steelpan Academy- Canada

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Where can people view the coverage of the panorama....

I hear from a friend of mine (who is not an All Stars fan) that All Stars really tight, he also said that the Jamaican band playing a very nice tune but the Engine room is not tight.

Señor Lopez, an acquaintance of mine who is a diehard Phase II fan tell meh "THIS YEAR" the Women on the Bass just like the Jamaican Band Engine Room.
Ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha

Peter Delight, I also hear so too that Phase 2 isn't sounding too tight, but being Boogsie a Money Hound I don't thing he will fail, too much money involve,

Señor Lopez:
I can't really comment on that. But what I can opine is that "the cream rises until it sours". The choice of that particular signature tune reveals that his persona now overshadows his musical talent. Think about it. That tune was 'perfected' 35 years ago. Leave well enough alone. On any given day, time, or year, if All Stars were to play that tune leaving the Savannah, heading down the Boulevard towards Tragarete Road, going home to Duke Street, they will empty the Savannah. And when the pans reach home people still shuffling out of the savannah. Ah lie? Ah eh lie.

On the other hand, I am told that Curry Tabanca by All Stars is perhaps the most popular Panorama arrangement to have never won the championship. So what now?
If life gives you a second chance take it; if it changes your life let it. Well, this International Panorama event has afforded them a second chance to once again light up the Savannah with 'Curry Tabanca'.

Although no fault or mistake was made in 1987, this is redemption! And don't mistakenly view this choice of tune as an atonement for guilt; but rather a repurchase of something that was taken away. The man is quietly humble and smooth. And Bede, between both ah we, don't feel the man simply trim the 'gravy' down to comply with rules & regulations. He eh jess warm up de curry ..... I am told it is a whole new 'seasoning'.
Anyway,....don't forget: We using the right hand for de curry and the left hand for holding the glass with the Double Black. Cheers amigo!!

You are right about "Woman on the Bass", if All Stars play that tune right they will rock the Savannah, now as I said before, I never had liked Curry Tabanca and if Smooth was to win this ICP he definitely have to put "New Seasoning" and ah hear he did, Well I wish him luck, But ah still like Phase 2 only because what Boogsie can do (but ah hear he ain't doing it too well).

I really like the Young Indian "Samaroo" to be up there, he is ah Class arranger..

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Peter, I agree with you, Boogsie put himself in a hole by choosing that song, the stress he undertook was uncalled for,  so many other tunes he had to choose from. It's possible that he could have just deprive himself of a large pay cheque, but then again it's also possible he could work his magic.  

For an audience, any audience, 'Magic' appears to exist because of something called an 'illusion'. And most audiences, if not all, are unknowingly enthralled by magic as long as the illusions exist. When the illusions no longer exist, there is no longer any magic. Delude yourself no more!!

I think the choice of tune reflects the mind set of the individual arrangers. You seem to agree. Yet you appear to disagree. If Craig ( You do remember Craig, don't you? A resident of Woodford Square?) was alive he would tell you, "Mr. Cecil, fish or cut bait. Piss or get off de posy!!"

You lament that "with his choice of tune he has put himself in ah hole –– but it is possible that he could work his magic". Well, another WST member has previously stated that you are dreaming (and snoring loudly). Ha Ha Ha I really do enjoy the humour and the camaraderie in these forums.

Many years ago I once heard Craig shouting and chastising a taxi driver: "Sure. Look at me. Yuh live in dreams yuh go die in de square."

Gotta run, Cecil. De wife waiting on meh to mek a Sunday market. Ah only hope all de Paramin chive eh sell out or ah go be getting to the savannah late this evening. Well, as long as ah reach before the curry start sharing. Enjoy the show (competition).

Buh eheh look trouble now - better make sure to get there before Band No. 2 so you'd experience a most dexterous and superb execution of "Like ah Boss".......dem jammet an dem go make sure to go hear it.....yea ah hear dey tight buh dis Boss ...virginal!

AL Nunes, for sure Duvone go put it down like ah Boss, D man  have 4 horse in the race, he's dah man. But Boogsie have balls though, to put he Woman against Smoothe Woman in front ah the world takes balls. Ah hear Smoothe ain't takin on Boogsie he cookin ah sweet Curry for the savannah, this time tomorrow somebody go have ah heavy Tabanca.

Phase 2 playing Woman on the bass, wish I could hear it live.you people in for a treat.


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