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In January I started a thread asking for suggestions on an upcoming trip to Trinidad.
A few people have asked for an update, here it is. None of my attempts at being able to meet up with pan loving Trini locals worked so we were on our own. Myself, Elizabeth and Chris all had a great time. We arrived at 9 pm on Saturday and E wanted to stop for roti on the way to the apt where we were staying in Diego Martin, so we started off right with a roti! We didn't rent a car and I have no regrets on that. We were staying at D'Lime Inn (which I very highly recommend) and they did have a driver we could use but preferred not to do that mainly since then we would have to pre arrange when we would be needing the return trip and we never knew if we would be done at 11 pm or 1 am or 3 am. We did use him one time after the airport pickup and had to leave Queens Hall at intermission of the Calypso Queen competition just to get our pre scheduled ride back home and we didn't like that. It was also quite expensive. So we took maxis and hire cars and occasionally private cars. It was always a little uncomfortable and nervous getting a hire car ride back late in the night but we came to realize there would be someone willing to drive us, we just had to be patient. We spent Sunday in San Fernando for prelims, a day at Maracas Beach, several days wandering around POS, walked and rode to the west side of the island and visited some places I used to hang out by Chagaramas when we were there on our boat, large band prelims in the yards, stopped by some mas camps, went to Mas Camp Pub to see Chalkdust, Black Stalin and Sparrow, semis on Sat and Sunday, lots of visits to Carnival City. I had doubles for breakfast every morning at the nearby grocery store, we found our favorite snow cone guy by the Savannah, I had pineapple chow several times but didn't find any mango chow, roti several times, good local food all over. I had the worst ever bread pudding that we have ever had in all of our time in the Caribbean that even some dogs wouldn't eat. We met many very friendly and helpful locals and I left with a handful of peoples business cards or phone numbers. E and C are already trying to figure out if they can get back next year to participate in panorama but it depends on what jobs they get after graduation. My favorite part of the whole trip was getting to be on stage with the Hatters. Being on the big stage, North stand right behind us, dancing to the band playing one of my favorite tunes, Live Yuh Life (Like Yuh Playing Mas)....wow, what a rush! Great time, great trip, great accommodations.

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Denette, I am glad that you and your 2 friends Elizabeth and Chris enjoyed your trip with the exception of the Bread Pudding,(" I had the worst ever bread pudding that we have ever had in all of our time in the Caribbean that even some dogs wouldn't eat"). I myself don't eat bread pudding, it looks like Dog food and if the Dogs wouldn't not eat the ones that you all got it's no way that I could it that. I am looking forward to your Post on your next Visit.  

My husband is a big fan of bread pudding so I kind of had it in his honor. I will do better to stick with my favorites of coconut rolls and current rolls.

Maybe the next time you go your Husband might go with you all even tho he is not into Carnival, he can enjoy the Best Roti's in the world. I am familiar with Roti's in ST James and Chaguanas as the Best. No Bread Pudding for him (unless you know someone and it's Homemade)

Our driver stopped in St James for our first roti on the way from the airport. It was a guy selling them in front of a plumbing store. On my last day I bought 3 rotis for take away. I froze them in our freezer and packed two of them in the middle of the clothes in my carry on to try to keep them frozen longer, and one in my back pack. As the one defrosted I ate in during our day of flights and travel. The other two were thawed and my husband and I enjoyed them when I got back to Minnesota.

I hope you were able to find a Microwave to used for the one that you ate during your flight and travel, a Cold Roti can give you the Worst belly-ache. 


I am happy to hear that you and your friends enjoyed your carnival trip.

Nope it was cold all the way. I would eat until I got to the frozen area and put it away again for a few hours. Probably broke a lot of food safety rules but it was yummy and way better than other airline and airport food.

Sorry about the bread pudding, we'll make up for that

Kathleen, Am sure you were not the one that made that Bread Pudding, lol

In T&T you have to buy BLACK puddin.

I don't think I have ever had black pudding. Or if I did I didn't know what it was called. I just made some pineapple chow and have been snacking on that. I just learned to make it a few weeks ago from a friend from St Vincent. She doesn't put herb in it but I just bought some cilantro and put in it and I think it as authentic as I can get in Minnesota.

I have no Trini friends to get their bread pudding, I take my luck at bakeries. In all the puddings we have had through the years this was the first that was not good. I have had cold curry lots of times, I didn't know there was any risk with it. When we are in Brooklyn we go to our favorite bakery on Nostrand and each get a roti and doubles and most of the roti makes it back to the fridge on the boat and eaten cold the next day. I hope our luck continues to hold. Speaking of luck, we just kind of lucked onto the right guy with Hatters that got us a t shirt (which I had been trying to get since I saw the great design at prelims.) Once we had the shirt we just stuck with them. Thanks for the suggestions for next time.


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