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Pan People in the Mecca, today is the town hall meeting in StarLift panyard, YOUR contribution could be what's needed for the steelband to get some sense of direction.  

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I too am on the outside looking in. I personally know no one directly involved with the event.  We may not hear it from Ghost here.  But there is lots of dialogue... that's encouraging.


Let's just keep the ideas flowing.

I feel very sad because it look like no one from the forum attended the Town Hall Meeting. I came to this conclusion because there is not one post about what transpired. WHEN STEEL TALKS, we doh have secrets.

Sadly and unfortunately, I had to attend to attend to a very sick relativeso was unable to attend, but I did spread the word to all my pan peeps... Anticipating it went well and looking forward to reports...


I hope your relative is alright,  boi I was depending on you to let us know what went down, it look like they had that meeting behind close doors, nobody aint saying nothing, this can't be good.

They're doing better, thanks. I was really looking forward to attending. Hopefully next year. Meantime, now that the Ghost has departed WST, the link he provided will give formal reports on the happenings... > https://www.facebook.com/groups/panforeverondebarbagreen/

Pan action actually commenced from as early as Friday when Panicle Company hosted the inaugural edition of the George Sonny Goddard Town Hall Meetings, at Starlift Complex, off Mucurapo Road, Woodbrook. The late Goddard was the president of the National Association of T&T Steelbandsmen (NATTS) and Pan Trinbago.

Facilitators of the discussions included George David Goddard, his brother George Gerard and Emile Borde. Among the experts and intellectuals moderating proceedings were Hugh Borde, Royce Russell, Dr Brian Copeland, Dr Kim Johnson, Diane Duprey, Keith Maynard and Vanessa Headley.


The event was attended by a number of pan players and afficionados, including Martin Daly, Ray Funk, Bertel Gittens, Roderick Toussaint, Tommy Critchlow, Steve Taylor, Douglas Williams, Gerard Clarke and Emmon Berkeley.


Throughout the day, discussions were intense and poignant. Some of the topics addressed included Defining the Steelband Movement and the Politics of Pan and How we balance steelband tradition with innovation in the 21st Century.


Supposedly a five-panel event just three were completed, causing the organisers to make this exercise and ongoing, year-round forum.  (excerpt from Guardian article)

Thank you Gavin.

Is there an organize group of pan people in the Mecca that's going to deal with the issues steelband faces, other than those seeking office?

Maybe, if the heat in the fire down below gets hot enough... http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topic/show?id=2534462:Topic:44...

Pan people have to stop playing Mr Diaz game. We want the court matter resolved and an election called.


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