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Going Retro for Panorama 2014 - Lack of Talent or Lack of Creativity?

Bradley has got to be rolling in his grave. So, is this what panorama has come to? It is hard for me to believe that the young people decided to go with all these dinosaur chunes - no matter how great they were in their time.


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What time zone are you in Bede?

Anytime allyuh try ah PANORAMA outside of carnival allyuh go lose all kinda money. And allyuh go drop that idea like ah outside child at an orphanage.

Me and Cecil and Glenroy, from the old school we like to reminisce with old memories, lol


Actually, I was LITERALLY asking what time zone you were in ET/CT/PT!!!

Hey Claude yuh tink Bede in the Twilight Zone ? You may say he's a dreamer but he's not the only one.
You are right Claude , no type of Panorama would work at anytime other than Carnival time . What I would like to see though is something like a steelband event showcasing stage sides ( which I hear is no more) about five each from the
eastern central southern and northern ares comepeting for a big cash payout . Something like Idol with the finals with the top three. They could call it Pan Idols. I know it's a crazy idea I must have been in that SM Jaleel Trinidad OJ. Ha ha ha Blessings.

This year 2014 there are many good songs for pan arrangers to choose from to win the competition. At least, so far all the large bands are playing different new tunes except Despers. If Bradley were alive he could of easily won with 'Pan In The Atmosphere' for Despers. The previous years were poor for pan songs. There are also some pan songs that are very poor today. The goal should be to encourage  the young arrangers to compete with the 'big guns', that is in the large band category to improve their arranging skill set. Watered down small and medium categories is killing the young arrangers. To arrange new music you don't have much time and you need to use your brain to come good and please the people.

Time will tell where the judges place Despers whether this retro-nouveau is the way to go. For me, I think this is just a chance to make a play with a spankin new twist with a nostalgic blast from the past. The revved up tune is catchy, but no disrespect, it is a better fit fo the small and medium bands, no...

Andre, Brother, I LOVE ME SOME SPANKIN!!!


A big reprieve from all these garbage songs on WST!!!

There are quite a few good songs on WST. it's just the arrangers choose the shitty ones.

That's what I said before, that this year have some good Pan songs, usually they dont 

what is all the fuss about! All those so called new songs comprises of melodies heard before. they all could be considered ''RETRO'..IN A FAIR WORLD.....Spankin happens to the one song that people recognize as retro. Perhaps Desperadoes  are  going out of the box- since no matter what they play their placings are low. Besides, the retro songs are part of the Panorama criteria,,, there is a first for everything.


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