Gypsy: North Park to cost $2.3m

Trinidad Express Newspapers

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The race is on to complete the new North Park facility for Carnival 2019, says National Carnival Commission (NCC) chairman Winston “Gypsy” Peters.

The multi-event layout, which will replace the North Stand structure at the Queen’s Park Savannah at next year’s Carnival celebrations, will cost about $2.3 million, half of the $4 million-plus spent on the North Stand, Gypsy said yesterday.

It will have a capacity for between 25,000 to 38,000 people and will be able to securely accommodate 5,000 cars. It will be a permanent structure.

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  • Good question Gerard.

  • The North Park is estimated to bring in revenue of 8 million dollars. Pantrinbago usually collected the gate receipts from the North Stand, around 2.8 million. Without the North Stand,it would be revenue lost for Pantrinbago. Would Gypsy forward same to Pantrinbago from the North Park to compensate for their loss?

    • Do financial records show revenue from the North Stand to be approx 2.8m?

      • Mercer: If Gypsy sells 25,000 of the 38,000 seats at $200 that is FIVE MILLION. And he could pick up another $100,000 if he charges $20 for those 5000 parking spaces.

        Diaz and Forteau did not keep "financial records" -- they just stole the money and made up their own numbers to present to Doctor Dolly. And as bright as she is she swallow dem numbers hook, line and sinker!!!

        But Beverley say that she was going and talk to GYPSY and tell him to SCRAP THAT North Park plan because SHE SAY SO. Hell, he might listen to the BIG BOSS!!!

This reply was deleted.