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How pan people gave away their power , and why they're paying for it .

One More thing my dear friends..

I once heard a quote to the effect that those who don't make plans are always surprised by those who do , especially by those who plan for the long term .

It occurred to me that someone far wiser than me realized the political danger of an uncontrolled steelband movement , and thought it best to take measures to control it.
They quickly recognized the disruptive political potential of an organized steelband interest group , and sought ways to neutralize it.

Even Dr. Williams , back in the day tried to control the steelbands by forming personal relationships with some of the more powerful leaders , like Rudolf Charles , for instance.

For the purpose of this discussion , one cannot forget that Pan Trinbago was incorporated by Act of Parliament, 5 of 1986, but was formerly operated and was registered as a Union representing the interest of steelpan players

My point is , I would bet that had Pan Trinbago remained a UNION , pan people would have gotten their money , and even more , and I'll tell you why.
A UNION can call a strike , but they can also call for mass demonstrations.
A CORPORATION , however cannot do that.
A corporation also cannot be involved in direct political action and deliver votes , like a union can.

Can you imagine if Pan Trinbago as a UNION were to call for mass demonstrations for days In Port of Spain , and threaten to form a voting block against the government ?

Government will be forced to deal.

A demonstration of thousands of angry pan people in downtown Port of Spain , in the middle of the day would definitely force the government's hand , and someone foresaw that possibility.

And so someone convinced pan people it was to their interest to change from a union to a corporation , and we ended up with an ineffective corporate organization called Pan Trinbago.

Someone's long term plans have born fruit !

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Why can't pan players form a union, independent of Pan Trinbago? Pan Trinbago is a corporation. The Executive, both Central and Regional are the MANAGERS (they act as they are OWNERS, but they are really MANAGERS). Pan Players are the workers.

Again, my question: Why can't PAN PLAYERS  form a union? [United Pan Players of Trinidad and Tobago.]

Experts in labor relations should take the lead and investigate the possibilities. Nestor Sullivan may have some ideas.

Ajamu Nyomba ,We have to be real here.

If Pan players cannot get together and form a consensus to replace the executive of Pan Trinbago and seize control of the organization , do you believe they have the necessary fortitude and perseverance it would take to form an entirely new organization like a fully functional union?

Maybe in years gone by when panmen knew how to hustle and not depend on others ( like the government for example) that might have been possible.

But today ?

 the leaders like roget will be brought in quietly to the pms palace and given great promises and even  rewards and awards



North America and the rest of the world cannot get enough of the steelpan and its music.  Here it is Trinidad and Tobago cannot appreciate or agree on any matters regarding this rich, diverse and AWESOME instrument.  You are losing ground as this beautiful instrument and all the creativity connected with it will be stolen from you to be added to all the other stolen valuables.   

A pity!  Embrace the instrument,, embrace the pannists, embrace all facets of the steelpan...take it forward ...

Steelpan sympathizer


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