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I fully Support the Honorable Beverley Ramsey Moore for the TOP Pan Job of Trinidad and Tobago

I fully Support the Honorable Beverley Ramsey Moore for the top leadership role for Pan in Trinidad and Tobago. Why would someone with her intellect, experience, accomplishments, fair play and fundamental interest in the good of pan be unqualified to be the top leader of Pan?

Women pan players of Trinidad and Tobago should seriously consider not playing for any band that cannot and will not support a female for the Pan leadership position.


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When Gregory Lindsay and THE CIP was out in the SCORCHING HOT TRINIDAD SUN protesting THE CORRUPT GANGSTAS in this current executive -- Beverley was nowhere to be found. As soon as they say ELECTIONS -- she show up FRONT and CENTER wanting to be PRESIDENT. She remind me of Hillary thinking the PRESIDENCY is her BIRTH RIGHT.

And outside of the cliché after cliché, I am yet to hear her put out ONE PROGRESSIVE IDEA forward in making PAN TRINBAGO a more respected and financially independent and global organization.

On top of that, she is the QUEEN OF GIMME GIMME and we have had enough of that!!!


So once the official LIST FOR PRESIDENT is revealed, I will be PICKING A CANDIDATE and lending my FULL SUPPORT to HIS TEAM as we RIDE TO VICTORY on October 28th. Although I still believe that FORTEAU and DIAZ have some TRICKS UP THEIR SLEEVE -- so I am not really too sure that we will even HAVE AN ELECTION.

Well, well well.... Mr. Claude

 "I will be PICKING A CANDIDATE and lending my FULL SUPPORT to HIS TEAM"

Unless you are a male, chauvinists, pig who works for the Drumpf's (Trumps real name) team, you better retract that comment and duck. Concussion coming. I heard at least two other prominent pan women may throw their hats in the ring. 

And by the way the expiration date on D'Photo past.  No body uses film anymore. 

Has Rolly Polly pick up his luxury cars yet?


bugs: I drove all the way to STOCKTON to meet Dr. Omalu to set up an appointment for your "concussion issues" only to find out that THE HONOURABLE DOCTOR had RESIGNED from his job. So I am in quandary now because I don't know how I am going to endure SIX WEEKS of contentious debate over "femininity and the PAN TRINBAGO PRESIDENCY" with you (and Cecil) when you both need to see this goodly doctor IMMEDIATELY!!!


Very interesting article. Too real. Like Childish Gambino - This Is America 


Okay, bugs. We have a common sense of appreciation for NEWS. So I am glad that you found the article to be interesting. But just for fun and to show you how complex life is and don't matter how much education you have -- you are still faced with BINARY CHOICES in life whatever your LEVEL.

So let us roll the tape back to 2013!!!


And don't play you are being nice to me just to MANAFLIP me over to BEVERLEY, eh!!!

And tell OSWALD ALEXANDER that I appreciate his response to FORTEAU and JOSEPH setting the election date behind everybody back.

I will find Dr. Omalu where ever he is because YOU and CECIL and ODW have some serious brain damage  and only Dr. Omalu could straighten allyuh out!!!

Keron Valentine was a BIG MAYOR OF PORT OF SPAIN???

He was deputy mayor for 6 years before being SELECTED to serve; he should be able to understand the role of playing second fiddle. He is no Junia Regrello.

What did Keith Diaz have to do to get elected President of Pan Trinbago?

Did anyone question his credentials/qualification before he got elected? 

“Diaz stated, “A lot of young people don’t realize it. Anytime you want to be a great manager, try and run a steelband. When you finish, you can run any organization in the world”

From his CV... Diaz’s clever way“ of giving the players money, and collecting it the same night through the bar,
is an act he is proud of.”

With BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE she lived in the belly of this beast Pan Trinbago cultural organization striving to be a BUSINESS run operation. She took positions and stood her ground when she saw conflicts with the organizations funds being misappropriated . We know for a FACT she was not a clerk at PT sitting in the office playing solitaire at her desk.

Another FACT, she’s knows how to bow out gracefully when confronted with defeat, she carries the spirit to fight another day for a worthy cause…TIME for DECISION Analysis

Calypso Rose - Ju Ju Worrior

You tell him odw and we sure Beverley ain't thieving no money


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