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If FORTEAU could get 130 bands to VOTE in the ELECTION -- Then Darren Sheppard is the NEW PRESIDENT!!!

Because all 30 BANDS over 100 going and vote for SHEPPARD and FORTEAU. Add Sheppard's BASE (he is a popular figure) to those 60 votes and he is a COMFORTABLE WINNER!!!


So Beverley with her 21 BANDS from TOBAGO get wipe out like PANAMA CITY when MICHAEL pass through!!!

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usually all band that take part in panorama are financial.
can any one tell me how ,many bands took part in panorama in 2016, 2017, 2018.

Well that’s what I have been saying for the longest while. BUT YALL DONT LISTEN!!!! I glad you finally seein the light!

Nova Heart: Yuh REAL mash meh up!!! I thought I was a BIG TIME POLITICAL ANALYST and I laughing at you that DARREN SHEPPARD cyar even make it to BASE CAMP much less THE SUMMIT. And you keep looking down yuh nose at me because you know how wrong I was!!! Ah truly feeling shame and ah almost have to apologize to you for my BLIND ARROGANCE.

But the only reason why your CANDIDATE -- SHEPPARD -- flip the script on MY political genius is because you and SHEPPARD went an register 183 bands (and counting) and I sure it eh have more than 100 STEELBANDS in TRINIDAD. So ah taking meh LICKS but ah feel ALLYUH CHEATING!!!

Claude:  If you are part of the outgoing Executive Committee, you should not be allowed to run in the new Executive Committee.  Lastly, the way the single pans were treated this year, I had assumed that they were not voting in the electoral process.  I need to read the Idiot's Guide to Politics!!

De Photo reminds me of that secretary of state in Georgia who is running for Governor, his office is in charge of voter registration and is holding over 53K applications on hold of which 70% are blacks.

His opponent/challenger is the first black woman to run for Governor.https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/georgia-sued-placing...

This is definitely a CONFLICT of INTEREST De Photo SHOULD resign and do the RIGHT thing.

No one hold these people to ACCOUNT for their actions? Oh sorry, I forgot dis is Trinidad things does happen just SO.

odw: ONE MAN who is a candidate decides who could vote and who cannot vote. And if you are NOT FINANCIAL, they call you up and promise to give you a waiver if you will vote for them even if your band is down to 3 players. And in return your band gets FUNDED for Panorama 2019 -- with all the funds going into the hands of two or three people who have NO BAND. But they could always go and rent some players from some OTHER BANDS.

I read that article from GEORGIA and I thought about FORTEAU and SHEPPARD.

This is a disgrace and BEVERLEY should be screaming against this at the TOP OF HER VOICE. Because if 30 to 35 ah dem FAKE BANDS just show up to vote -- THE SAME OLD GANGSTAS remain in office after all the CAMPAIGNING and IRRELEVANCE!!!


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