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Thank you!

what's happen to Miss Asami Nagakiya investigation,I guess that the police put it on hold.

David De, the talk is that her family ask that everything remain cold.

The family cannot ask for the case to go cold. That is the most foolish thing I have ever heard.

The police have to investigate every crime especially murder. No family can stop that.

If that were the case then any family could ask for an investigation to be stopped.

The investigation might have gone cold because the police are inept, but nobody can stop or prevent a police investigation of murder unless somebody pays off a corrupt officer and it's doubtful that that is the case.

This case has not been solved because those who know the truth have not come forward with information.

somebody knows what happened and its up to the police to find out. Maybe they're not as enthusiastic because nobody here is clamouring for results, but it's no because the family does not want it to be concluded.

Cecil I really did't know about that please accept my apologies.

Wayne,I guess that you have a point there,Why would the family would want to stop the investigation,

I find that very strange,And the police not saying anything,Because nobody is not asking anything.

So maybe it will remain and unsolved case.


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