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In Rememberance of Herman "Rock" Johnson died April 30 2001 (14 yrs ago)

The most underrated Tenor Pan Player and Tuner, May God Bless his Soul, http://www.bestoftrinidad.com/steelband/johnston.html

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Patrick Ramdoo, West -Side was the first band that I saw with the 7 Bass, I believe "Rock" invented the 7 Bass,

Herman "Rock" Johnson was a Low key person, not a show off, I heard that the Additional notes on the "PianoPan" Spiderweb was "Rock" Creation, he was the Man, he just sit back and let other people take the credit. 

According to the man that took Herman "Rock" Johnson place in Panam North Stars "Leslie Michael Jordan", "Rock" was the Fastest man on a Tenor Pan, Jordan's Quote "And Yeah BEDE; "Rock" was the fastest pan player that ever lived, this man was faster than a "COBRA", playing next to him in Pan am North Stars was like playing next to a man with "two right hand's", unquote,   

I am sure if you ask Cobo Jack who played next to "Rock" in the National Sleelband he will say the same thing.

Hey Bede, Good morning! I just found out this a.m. that my son has an original echophone from the "ROCK" himself. He said that he will check the site and send pics of it. It's not chromed.

Thanks Patrick Ramdoo, I am looking forward to seeing it, After I played the Echophone in 1965 I never saw one, (50)yrs ago

These are the three pans on the echo phone , with the D on the left, Eb in the middle , and E to the right...the notes used to have a trill but after having them tuned the trill was removed so if anyone knows how to tune them back that way, let me know...

Thks again Adrian Ramdoo, It seems as tho This Echophone is a little different, it looks like the Lowest Note on this pan is D instead of Eb, and on the left pan I think it should be C G D A, clockwise instead of C G A D, but its good to be able to Reminisce,

Adrian Ramdoo, I just just got off the Phone talking to Leslie Michael Jordan about the Echophone, thanks

One of the Greatest Pan Men ever Captain, Tuner, Arranger and Inventor. Sir Herman "Rock" Johnson an uncrowned king may he Rest In Peace.


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