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check out the background music on this commercial...

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Actually, I don't think it EVER LEFT.

As long as I have listened to RADIO and TV IN AMERICA, I have heard CALYPSO used in COMMERCIALS. I have long considered it a COTTAGE INDUSTRY run by WHITE MUSICIANS who BLEND the CALYPSO ROOTS with various musical flavours producing a product palatable to the AMERICAN EAR.

A thousand times I have thought about grabbing one of those commercials like you just did and bringing it to the attention of THIS FORUM -- but I never bothered to. For example, THE CLOROX COMPANY -- headquartered out here in Oakland -- has used CALYPSO BASED commercials for decades.

Which leads me to go back to the question I have asked over 1000 times on THIS FORUM: Where is the music?

I think that young lady who played her PAN at the KENNEDY CENTER recently has the POTENTIAL to go down that road.

She just needs to be able to think in that mode and HOOK UP with the right group of people up here.


The element missing is the agent who can advocate for the music (Calypso and Steel Pan) especially for the royalties, (I do hope the owners of the music has registered their creativity)✔


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