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Is it the band or is it the arranger? Robert Greenidge leaves Desperadoes!

Given the recent developments with arranger Robert Greenidge leaving Desperadoes to arrange for Starlift and Zanda coming to Desperadoes, which band do you think will place higher in the 2016 Panorama and why?

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@ odw.   I quote a letter I wrote on the Panorama 06 and I stand by what I said then:

"To replace the late Clive Bradley, fitting honouree of this year’s competition, is impossible.  To assume musical responsibility in Desperadoes, then imitate him, albeit faintly, borders on irreverence and is a reckless disservice to this world renowned orchestra and institution. Bradley’s style was his.

Even though the “magnificent seven” found favour in assenting to this inanity, to imitate his style is not to honour him, but rather to “style sample” - thus flippantly flatter - and reflects precious little on Eddie Quarless’ self-confidence"

It has been a few years now I have been waiting with bated breath, for the union of Zanda and Desperadoes.Finally it has happened. They are tailor-made for each other. I want to go on record (on this day 10/30/2015) as saying, Desperadoes IS the band to beat...for Panorama 2016.

I hear you loud and clear!

I think bands are their sounds,take the top bands over the years and you could almost always tell them by that sound.i am an all stars fan and up this day you could tell them by their bass sound,lnvaders tenors,despers rhythm section.zanda has that same style ,he will do well with them .the hills will come alive again.


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