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Is the Virtual Panyard the future of the Steelband post Corvid-19?

Andy Neils writes

Post COVID-19 looking like Less and less time will be spent in the Panyard, for Stage Side practice sessions that is. 

The art of practicing together online, is being perfected, during lock-downs

It's an ever changing world, would this method of practicing be welcomed ?

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We will adapt to suit any situation. We could be looking at panorama like this is 2021.

The past is the future. In 2014 a music education program was launched in a virtual and physical panyard in Boston Massachusetts with rigorous, formal literacy instruction was provided by a certified music educator in the Canadian school system. The multi-instrument school teacher  musician is a drumologist, pannist and saxophonist.

The eLearning methodologies were used from the Toronto physical and virtual panyard where musically literate youth pannists were exemplars for  their Boston peers.   The pictures tell the story of a substantial financial investment in Boston for quality instruments, high end MAC computer, top brand video camera and large smart TV as recommended by Caribbean academic and business professionals.

All of the youth are of Caribbean heritage as are the Church and community leaders who initiated and promoted education for our children.

2020 is lost, -21 will be a Gap Year, but -22 will see a return to the Pan yard. A return of the survivors. The Virtual is an important placeholder, and will certainly develop its own exciting dynamics. But nothing can replace playing and listening together.

Do we know if PanTribago (or the Big5, etc.) planning any virtual pan-themed events for Carnival 2021???


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