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Its a Shame in the way icon Joey Lewis is being treated

Dear Friends and music lovers from all over the world especially here in Trinidad, perhaps you don't know the health conditions that one of our greatest musical icons, Mr."Joey Lewis" is now facing and for over the past six (6) or  many years. I my self had no idea about his health conditions until I visited him at his home in mid Feb of this year 2015.  I was indeed shock when I saw him. This Icon is now bed ridden and is confined to a wheel chair because he can't walk.  I ask his wife Judy why the Government of Trinidad and Tobago through the Ministry of Culture has not offered some kind of assistance to this great Icon, her answer to me was she tried on several occasions to contact the Ministry but to no avail.

This great Icon has put Trinidad on the map for over 57 years with great music for the young as well the elders of our time, why can't this great Icon be honored in some form of an humanitarian way of assistance? is the question. I have offered to assist his wife with a financial assistance, and will continue to do so by the grace of God as long as I could.

Anyone who's  interested to assist with this great concern can contact Mrs.Julia Lewis
better known as 'Judy' at Ph#  1-868-623-7572 or at the address" 6 Gonzales Hill
                                                                                                                      Gonzales Place P.O.S
                                                                                                              Rep of Trinidad w.I.
Thanks and may God Bless you all.

Don Clarke
Atlanta Georgia       

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This man brings chills to my bone when I hear his name… fond memories of Dj’ing at Birching Castle sports club in Couva and Joey Lewis putting down really nice music every year, Joey had some serious music over those years and deserves every helping hand possible. Next to Roy Cape; Pal Joey Lewis is a name everyone knows and respect.

Joey Lewis is and will always be the foundation of all brass bands in Trinidad.  

It shouldnt be a surprise to any Trinbagonian about the neglect our icons receive from the powers that be, we rank dead last as far as promoting our culture. My brother and I had to make trips to the Trinidad consulate to obtain emblems and logos to advertise like Jamaica and the rest of the world do. Bertie Marshal and the whole pan industry was a victim as well. accomplished musicias like Joey should never be treated  like they are..If you take  Dr Ellie Manette, he elevated himself by pure ambition and pride in which the T&T goverment had no part, the president of the USA acknowledged what he was worth by attending universities around the country promoting the culture and had him dine at the white house and it was only after that the government stepped in to save face..As a trini I can proudly say with all my traveling experience our talent is unsurpassed but our appreciation is zero, so let them keep they fridge and they radio like Sparrow said 50 yrs ago cause they still doing it and lets do our own promotion..WST has my vote as promoter extraordinaire they enable us to communicate and be informed as we are now about Joey,  we needed him in our youth for generations now its his turn to dance to our generosity,  lets pass the plate with the same vigor as we danced to Saga T'ing..

Is the government of T&T aware of Joey's condition? Is the Opposition aware of Joey's condition? We should not assume that they do, because most of us in T&T and abroad are only now hearing of this.

I am sure they will address this issue. if contacted. I'll like to hear the result(s). I think they assisted Sparrow but don't know if Stalin got any assistance.

Yes I contacted his wife Judy and asked an officer to interview her he will get an assistance Paperwork has  started 

Stalin got .



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