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I think it will be an excellent idea to use arrangers like Ray, Robert, Andy and others whose bands are not participating for the judges, call it an experiment. 

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yes…both Tommy and Hugh are "sitting judges" at present…Alvin sounds like a good idea too...

There are several judges for each event. A mixture of 'pan professors' and pan professionals would be ideal.

The arrangers you name , and several others, are brilliant musicians above all, and I have no doubt that their judging would be fair and above board, apart from being flawlessly competent.

Their loyalty is to the music.

My point exactly Lilian Sten..

I would like to see Mia Gormandy as a judge , she knows her music an is an excellent panist,

Winston, Dr Dawn Batson. Liam Teague.

I had Dr. Dawn Batson, Liam Teague and Andre White.

Count Liam out…since Silver Stars will be a competitor…and Mia as well…since All Stars will be performing too…obvious bias…Andre White?….why not?...

You had great teachers Patrick .

Greetings to all i have being reading all the comments and contribution thus far towards the idea of JUDGES for this upcoming INTERNATIONAL PANORAMA COMPETITION and from what i gather WE ARE STILL SPINNING TOP IN MUD    Nobody seems to have the right answer to this issue because anybody you put there to judge  ALL HAVE THERE LIKENESS TO A STEELBAND OR ARRANGER OF THERE CHOICE, because we are all HUMANS and we have your likes and dislikes about any and everything that is ahead of us. All the names you all call are great musicians in the steelpan circle who one way or the other have there band of liking which you can't stop. Panorama would never change and i mean NEVER CHANGE because we all cannot please everybody to a final decision. We all will be in this position until we do something drastic about the Future of pan. I may be young in the game but this is what i have to say on this judging issue.

We need to create new ideas to see this Steelpan industry GROW because COMPETITION NOT SOLVING ANYTHING, we as a people are NOT LEADERS in the steelpan Movement not even followers, we just don't have ah clue whats going on, QUESTION- BOB MARLEY yeah the great reggae artiste from JAMAICA, tell me


Jamaica is a little bigger than Trinidad and Tobago in both size and population which don't say much but what i do know is that Steelpan ent no where close to Reggae right now. why BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WERE THE JUDGES OF THE MUSIC why can't we do the same, We don't have ah Grammy nor BET  Award Steelband, Steelbands don't even have record deals, our product is not even marketable to the world. As i said i maybe young in the game but i am not blind nor deaf and we all can fix this problem, and the problem is US, THE PEOPLE OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO need to embrace with is theres, PAN SOCA CALYPSO is all we own lets make this ah MISSION and not a COMPETITION 

Well said Duvone !!! One of the very few times I have to agree with you. What expertise does Andre White has as a judge Can't believe we still believe that everything foregin is better than our local. 

Question…are you prepared to lead the charge and step away from the Panorama competition?...



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