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Jonathan Scales -- Just some simple math & music education for the people!

Just some simple math & music education for the people!
(alongside my heroes Jeff Coffin, Futureman Roy Wooten, & Jay White)

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Well done WST…many thanks….

Rudy my Brother with all due respect, people here are only interested in Steelpan/Steelband activity, who want to deal with Satan it's their business, I for one don't want to see of hear anything about Satan, just my opinion.

Like ah say last nite…all dem Grenadian Jab Jab better watch out too...

Merrytones: Forgive me for leaving out the "tothebone" part of your sobriquet. Richard Nixon had a habit of opening his speeches with the line "let me make one thing perfectly clear" so I am going to get Nixonesque and begin my point to you by saying: Merrytones, let me make one thing perfectly clear!!! I have the utmost respect for what you do for PAN and in no way do I want to get into a confrontational discourse with either you or Glenroy. I have the greatest respect and admiration for the massive effort that Glenroy has put out to promote PAN and CALYPSO MUSIC in North America. So I am always willing to give you guys the LAST WORD. But it just so happens that I see the music scene completely different from most people on this forum.

There are two people on the forum who have very clear definitions of what they want from the music and that is me and Cecil Hinkson. Cecil wants to see PAN BACK ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL and I want to hear some PAN and CALYPSO music that has GLOBAL APPEAL . I want to be driving from San Francisco to Reno one day flipping channels and be suddenly ROCKED by some piece of PAN or CALYPSO HYBRID MUSIC. That wish of mine leads to a lot of contention on this forum because so many people believe that we are already there. And on that topic we are only totally opposite sides of the coin. Just like the papers were predicting all these GOLD MEDALS for Trinidad before the OLYMPICS but in reality we were lucky to end up with a BRONZE. Real Trinidadian were cursing the athletes.  I don't want BRONZE MUSIC; I want GOLD MUSIC.

Just to reassure you, I do like you. As a matter of fact if I ever come back to Trinidad I am coming to stay by you. But don't panic because I am NEVER coming back to TRINIDAD and if I tell you why on this forum THAT will be REAL BACCHANAL. Like you never seen CUSS before.

So now we are square and we could continue populating the forum with our opinions and banter -- I cannot help the banter and acerbic commentary. But as the African Americans say: It's ALL GOOD!!!


However, being who I am -- I have to leave you with one of my most favourite calypsos which I will post below this response. I love  CALYPSO first and R&B second and BLUES third.

Doh study me boy…just take care yuh new best pardner on the site ent put a label on yuh…for yuh own opinion...

Yuh think we could come in the States and say we have Jazz

Yuh mad or meh Lard Oh

Dem Yankee could play more Jazz than Trinidad

Yuh see

Why neglect yuh culture

Yuh making me feel sad

CALYPSO and STEELBAND is the culture of Trinidad


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