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Junior Pouchet of Silver Stars Steel Orchestra has passed

When Steel Talks extends condolences to the family and friends of Junior Pouchet founder of Silver Stars Steel Orchestra.

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My condolences to the Pouchet family.  What a great loss to the steelband movement.  I had just spoken to him on Wednesday night for 2 hours.  We spoke of our time in the National Steelband together that went to Mackinac Island, Michigan to attend the Moral-Rearmament conference in 1964.  We laughed a lot on the phone about the tour going around the southwest USA with the steelband.  Getting this news of his passing was real shocking to me.  May he rest in peace.

 Wow! just out of the blue, Junior came to mind yesterday!, and I wondered how he was doing, I think something was in the air! I will always be proud to say I played for Junior Pouchet once! It was an honor to play one of his arraingments, and to play for him. There I was, standing next one of my heroes! someone who's music I had heard and appreciated, it was awe inspiring, and there he was! He was a neat guy, and really cool! always nice to me and everyone around him. A great man, arrainger and steelband man. Condolences to his family, he will be missed!

The Ontario Steelpan Association sends sincerest condolences to the Pouchet family on Junior's passing. The pan movement has lost a dedicated pioneer whose early advent into the pan arena hastened wider social acceptance of the "barrel culture".  You have left a legacy of beautiful Silver Stars' pan music on which I am sure your brother Edwin will continue to build.  May eternal rest be yours!

Condolence to the Pouchet family, Silver Stars and the entire Pan Fraternity on the passing of a PAN ICON.

"O Gosh there surely is Sweet Music in Heaven". R.I.P. Mr Pouchet, you put a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts for years. We will cherish the legacy

There are those who have argued that the only way to be a "Big time" or great arranger is to win a Panorama. Well. the late Edgar "Junior" Pouchet is proof that they're wrong!!!

RIP Junior Pouchet. Thank you for your great contribution to the pan world.You are legend and your legacy will remain with us for generations to come. Well done, sir.

Well Done! Your legacy  is indelible.

My very first pan skipper in gold coast, then silver stars.........RIP   skipper.

Condolences to the family of Junior Pouchet. Truly a great exponent of the art form. His contributions will surely be missed.

I just got the news of our beloved Icon Junior Pouchet passing. Its a great loss to the pan world. In growing up as a youngman I was fascinated with his arrangements for Silver Stars. He had some of the best Bomb tunes in that era when Pan was now finding its was to be recognised as a musical instrument. His melodic solos with the seconds and double tenors pans made Silver Stars one of the best recording and recogniseable Steelband in Trinidad. His legacy will always live on. We are all grateful for his contribution to the Steelband movement. His music will always be remembered as long as we live. I bade him a fond farewel back to his home, and thank him very much for the joys that he brought us all with his beautiful Music. He should be awarded the highest award for his contribution to our Steelband Culture. May he continue to make beautiful music wherever he is going. Thanks for the music ''Master Junior Pouchet. Heart felt condolenses to the Pouchet family. May his body rest in peace and his soul carry one with the heavenly angels.

Greetings and Condolences to the friends and family of Junior [Pouchet]. I wish to acknowledge all the contributions he made to the evolution of pan and steelband in Trinidad and Tobago and thus the world. Also we recognize his contributions to composing  and development of calypso for pan music. May his contributions be duly recognized; May his family, relations and friends find peace despite his passing; and May he rest in Peace. BLESSED LOVE.  RAS RICO I SELASSIE I

To a hero of mine, Junior Pouchet.  R.I.P.

Trevor Leiba


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