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Kendall Williams named as new arranger for Pan Elders

Kendall Williams will be the 2020 Panorama arranger for the defending Medium Band champions Pan Elders Steel Orchestra.

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LORD HAVE MERCY!!! This FORUM does give me a HEADACHE sometimes!!!

Every society evolves at its own pace (I made up that line based on my own observations -- ah I did not read that in NO BOOK).

So based on that observation, I would like to say that TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO is at least 5 to 10 years removed from allowing a FOREIGN-BASED ARRANGER (better choice of words, Andre?) to win a MAJOR PANORAMA TITLE IN THE MECCA.

Bottom Line: KENDALL WILLIAMS has ZERO CHANCE of winning with PAN ELDERS.


It reminds me of the broad-based failure among the PAN COMMUNITY to understand the point made by KHUENT ROSE about STEELBANDS being NOTHING MORE THAN COVER BANDS.

the man cyar win with skiffle, you think he ca win with pan elders, if duvone get to arrange for a medium band, in town, which is closer to go back and forth, he wil eat up the medium again plus winning with renegades as usual,

Anyone can and will win, IF they have a real good arrangement and proper execution at performance.

Watch, if TTDF and Duvone happen to go their separate ways too, they will have ample conspiracy theories echo the same way


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