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They should stop throwing out the high and low scores and add everything together.

They have audio deficiencies in  their musical analysis of what is good music.  desperadoes music of Hammer Time is a musical  GEM and they by passed this for Jam.


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i agree. i dont know if these judges are not tired of hearing the same music over and over again, from bands like all stars, invaders, silver star and many more. it seems like they take a new song and just dump in the same arrangement year after year. mind you  i understand that arrangers has their styling, but its not improving the music in t&t. you almost never got this from boogsie,ray or clive. they are always trying to improve our pan music.so judges stop awarding these bands that are just playing the same old music over and over again, or pan tinbago will have to look for outside judges.

Well said,if you are playing the same arrangement year after year,the band must sound well rehear

se.Skiffle Bunch should have been placed higher,the music was new and well executed

Over the years I have learnt to play, listen and enjoy my music and leave the judging to others as I'll NEVER be satisfied with all the results. Congratulations to Phase II - my band - but I also enjoyed Despers Fonclaire and Skiffle Bunch.

So because the judges opinions differ to yours, they're not smart enough? Come nah man, you just sound sour!
I remember the days when it took great inside music to win a panorama. Renegades is the only band where today you hear that intricate cello and quads flow. Today the judges look for ABC scales that certain arrangers turn upside down , round and round. For those of you who say Renegades should not be third stop being biased because of bands that you love and really listen to the music. It's not just strums from the inside pans like most the the other bands. Bless.

I agree on Renegades. Skittle of course was a surprise to many and why? Ray's arrangement is always far beyond  the interpretation of past and present judges. They have never been able to know where to place him. He takes it up another level and leaves the judges not knowing how to judge his music. Once again he has set the future for pan as I am certain that others will follow with "chutney". Holman is a genius - yet to be given his due in panorama.  

Miranda, the reference of the arranger being a genius should not attract any argument,but yet to be given his due in panorama can. He has won twice, was second twice had a few third places and was in every final whenever he arranged from 1963 to present (he missed a few years) and was thrown out after prelims only in 1974, when he switched the tune, so I would say that he was given his due in panorama.

Despers went over the time limit, end of story. This need for foreigners to do things for us is kinda creepy because it's a big perverse. We make mistakes and no one hates that more than I do but I'd rather we made out own mistakes than other people get it right for us. Besides, how could someone from outside the culture "judge" a local panorama? Would you propose a foreigner "judge" reggae because the Jamaicans have their biases? They'd stone you for even considering the possibility, and rightfully so.

Over the limit by how many minutes?

Good evening to all pan lovers,after reading this comment, I had no choice but to respond. I timed every band that played, 'WHAT IS OVER THE LIMIT' ? Renegades was 8 mins 35 sec, Desperadoes was 8 mins  21 sec, 

Phase 11 was 8 mins 9 sec, Invaders was 7 mins 58 secs Exodus was 8 mins flat,All stars was 7 mins 59 sec.,  Buccooners was 8 mins 4 sec. my  method was a hand held stop watch,  One may ask how come I did that ? but thats me. State some other reason  ,Please.

 This is really annoying  "Despers went over the limit End of Story"   I also timed the first four bands:    Phase2   8:11,       Allstars 7:42,

 Renegades 8:36,     Exodus 8:01,     Desperadoes 8:22.   So what is Kim Johnson talking about

If time is the issue here, how did Renegades come in third place and they even exceeded the 30 seconds grace period, you are inconsistent in your argument. It can't be "end of story" for one band. If we are going by time, then All Stars should be first as the only band to play within time.


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