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They should stop throwing out the high and low scores and add everything together.

They have audio deficiencies in  their musical analysis of what is good music.  desperadoes music of Hammer Time is a musical  GEM and they by passed this for Jam.


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Same here... OK, I could see Phase II in 1st, All Stars in 2nd but there is no way in hell Renegades beat Despers and Exodus for 3rd. 

I will like to know who were the judges and what they have against Desperadoes.

It is time all pan arrangers take these Judges to task and let them explain where they went wrong.


I agree, Despers came too low.

Yes, me too!

I too am amazed at despers position. There were two musical masterpieces this panorama. Phase II and Despers. I have no problem with phase winning but radoes 6th is appauling to say the least. It doesn't matter how  knowledgeable someone is at a particular thing, humans will always judge by their feelings in the end! how is it that you and I learned the same thing and sometimes from the same source and we both come up with two totally different interpretations about the same exact thing?

  It is quite clear now that those who judge our Panorama are not doing a good job

and note that Despers was the only band whose score dropped compared to the semis.

This tells me that there was a mistake during finals but listening to the piece I can't tell where.

The judges are the only ones who can explain this. 

Phase 2 was exceptional but Despers deserved 22nd in my opinion.


You mean second 2nd. Yes!

In most sports a time comes when participants who have reached the pinnacle of their profession retire from active participation and become pundits & presenters etc. These people are highly respected because of their experience and achievements. I can remember criticism of Panorama in the 90s where it was being called Arrangorama. Every year there is some criticism of the judging. OK why not get radical? Sack all the judges, ditch the judging criteria and introduce a new judging criteria arrived at by consultation with the broadest possible spectrum of "experts" in the field, including arrangers. I don't know how much the judges are paid but when the remuneration for judges was on a parr with what arrangers get paid then all the older & long time arrangers could move across to judging, still get their "carnival income", and make some space for younger arrangers coming through. A question. Is Panorama a musical competition or a show? When it is both then there would seem to be a need for two sets of criteria and two sets of judging experts. Mmmm?

First up,none of the songs played (except GOLD) encourage a carnival type feeling....most were "run of the mill " tunes (Kitch must be fuming) that were highly embellished and exceptionally performed to produce the show that we got.

During the performances I kept looking at little groups of (independent) pan lovers and groups of the band fanatics to see their spontaneous reactions.....the shuffling of the feet,the ecstasy on their faces,their closed eyes with pursed lips,the hand in the air,and the jump up, etc.....I didn't see much of that....music that is supposed to make yuh "break away" just was not doing that.....I asked myself ,why?

I have concluded that most of the songs played,eh good enough to make me want to buy/own the original versions,to wine on a bumsee and/or make me remember them........In one word,dem tunes "Immemorable"

Moving around the pan yards had me juggling around bands,except for PHASE11,on Friday night/Saturday morning....A number of bands practiced on the east side of the savannah with Renegades and All Stars right down the road...a pan fanatic paradise.....I tweaked my choices again and came up with my first four after hearing the final night performances.

I had (1) Phase11 (2) Exodus (3) All Stars (4) Despers......as I said before the tune "Hammer Time" eh hah no hammer,but Robbie did a great job with it......I would also say the same for Shock Attack,and Bounce and Drive......ah wasn't fraid ah getting shock and getting bounce....

Kitch ah missing yuh bad boy.....with the tunes dem fellahs writing,they cud bring foreign judges to judge the Panorama,because those tunes eh have the elements of TT Carnival.



Oswald? Men you do know a thing or two about this argument. You're right we're missing Kitchie. We shoda clone him.
Despers in my opinion, deserved to place much higher than 6th. The only band to have their score dropped compared to the semis. I also felt that Fonclaire was pushed to the side. The biggest surprise to me was Skiffle. They were really impressive. For me to criticize the judges would be unfair for I am not schooled on the criteria. But as a pan lover, I must ask the question as to what they look for in a band's presentation.

Double G


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