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Large Bands moving on to 2012 Panorama Finals - Official Results

Large Bands moving on to 2012 Panorama Finals  

1 Phase II Pan Groove 268
1 Trinidad All Stars 268
3 Silver Stars 263
4 Exodus 262
5 Renegades 254
6 Redemption Sound Setters 253
7 Fonclaire 250
7 Harmonites 250
7 Tropical Angel Harps 250
10 Invaders


10 Siparia Deltones 246

Click for full results in the 2012 Large Conventional Steel Orchestra Semi-Finals rounds

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Well,well,well, so much for the myth that the big five bands will always make the Panorama finals. Year before it was Exodus, last year it was Renegades and now it is my band Desperadoes, who will be next? I believe that Andre White did a masterful job of arranging the tune and that we (Desperadoes) played well enough to be included in the finals, but the judges thought otherwise and their decision is final. We, Desperadoes members, the Laventille Community and Desperadoes supporters around the world are shocked and disappointed with the results but we will have to regroup and come back stronger next year to regain our top ranked status in the Panorama competition. Good luck to the other bands in the finals. Lol.

This is a wake up call for Despers..... The music is as usual beautiful,however the power of the band middle pan section is still very restrictive... For the last 10 yrs Despers, haven't move foward to the "not new inclusion of the 4 Pan" elevated on a stand. ..All the other major bands have incorporated "D 4 pan"..Allstars..Renegades..PhaseII.Exodus. Fonclaire. ect ect.. Some bands have as many as a dozen(12 sets) of Four 4 pans.

My pet peeve though is that Panorama has become to much like the "Soca Monarch Performance". We as the lovers of Pan have to decide whether our annual Panorama is a "broadway show of the 60's or a Hall mark of music excellence ..that can stand the "test of time"

@Zambi.. No disrespect, but im thankful you're not a Judge.. What makes bands like despers STAND OUT and APART from the rest since way back when has been the instruments in the band.. lil again you would tell them they need to have 7 bass instead of six.. or change their 3rds style of tenors to 4ths and 5ths... Come on... Despers has some of the biggest range of pan instruments including the six pans, etc.. Again despers is one of the few large bands the utilize 4basses.. In no way i see power as an issue to the band placing so low, unless we mixing up beating pan with PLAYING... lol

In response I must say that statistics (numerical facts systematically collected) don't lie. Despers my "navel string" band"last won Panorama in 2000. This is the longest period in the history of Despers, that they have been unable to be "first to the line". And its not because they haven't played outstanding music"Pan from Space>>.Cocoyea.>>> Action>>> Musical Magnum>.are musical masterpieces. Clive is with our ancestors he was a genius. But 12 yrs is a long time to keep doing something the same way an expect different results. Yes we have been dealt  harshly by the judges, throughout the first 10 yrs of the new millennium   ..and it continues early in this new decade. As Pan lovers in general, and Despers elders in particular, we have to continue the rich legacy of innovation and creativity, that has been the  hallmark of our musically successful band. Looking and the  pan structure and layout of other major bands... can never be a bad idea. I don't know why you extended to the fourths and fifths.. I never said anything about the soprano pans  

I understand you never said specifically that but u might as well.. From an Instrumental / layout  stand point, i cannot see DESPERS adding pans like the 4pan or other mid range pan helping the structure of this particular band. And to say despers doing the same thing over the years is misleading.. The last year i played with the band in 2006 - Tribute to bradley, the band's layout did not sit well with some of the elders, which was creating an additional frontline (on stand) which to me has its purpose. This being one among many changes that somehow doesnt always work for everyone. Honestly, sadly depers not being able to reach the front of the race has very little to do with what happens in the savannah when the band is on stage..

Agree with all the above,desperadoes look good sound great every one was in high spirit but not enough to please the judges.am very much surprise though. Lol

These Judges are destroying Panorama, giving prefrence to recyled symphonic arrangements. No spirit of Carnival, 50 years of pan, no progress. How can they leave out despers? new refreshing music and playing one of the sweetest pan tunes.

As may pardner say they mad o what

I do agree, the Judges are the problem. It was difficult to identify six bands who would not have made it to the final, give and take one or two. The competition was keen, and more importantly a new crop of arrangers have emerged with new and brilliantl passages in a tune. Yet, what is the criteria used for choosing judges, besides knowing music. What are their experiences with a Pan arrangement and their knowledge of music. It is time we in T&T have our judges for Panorama comprised of Professionals in the like of Liam Teague and many others who have their Masters and would have pan arrangement as part of their course arrangement. Let,s take for instance Andre White or even Shenelle Abraham who have their degrees in Music using Pan as the instrument of choice, how does a person who might be a music teacher with maybe not even an eight grade in music be able to judge them fairly. Pan Trinbago should step up to the plate and advertise positions for the judging of Panorama in the media, well ahead of Panorama, offer good salaries to these professionals professionals for the job and demand qualifications that would be expected for this duty.

Panorama is an International affair, it is  very expensive to operate a band properly for participation, and if not appeared that judging is not fair can be very depressing to all concerned within the bands. It must never appear that known names of either arrangers or bands be given favour over performance. In other words Clive Zanda taking a two chord tune and beating other young arrangers who have put in so much and with knowledge of a proper panorama arrangement is madness. if that is so then the young arrangers wasted their time studying for a B.A. or M.A.. in music. because the judges know and like a particular arranger.

I can't believe what I am reading. Despers out by 1 point beaten by  Deltones!! Geez!  And then I am not a musician. Makes me want to scream though. No disrespect t Deltones. I am so happy that I heard it for myself last night.I will not change my opinion at this moment.

Despers and Andre you were masterful, and your music was exquisite. I can't wait to purchase your recording.


i would like to know if these judges are picking based on crowd response...on arrangments,,,on arranger's ability or Name.

or just plain old picking their band because you know how we talk when we say '' that is my band '' judge or no judge .. ,but you never play  a pan in you life just a real good supporter,. and you  know how trinis pick winner befor the thing done, ah not saying the judges doing that ,,but a just saying !!. and who are they ??

how come i have never seen the newspapers  run a history report on who these judges are where they came from and their musical talents to becoming a judge .. put their faces and their stories out there so we the pan public can read something about them  so i can say he or she knows what they talking about  and scoring.    ( now i don't have the training they might have but i just asking  to put that out there )   i am but just a panman  a pan lover all of my life so far,,, does that make me a judge ??   No !  but i can have an opinion.

now you can't please all the people all of the time ...so if Despers made it and Deltones didn't  then  Siparia people would be up in arms....so let's forget about Band and forget about Arranger and see who  did the music they were working with justice, who had the right chord structure who worked around the melody and kept it  true to the ear , who didn't just throw in a bunch of  sugar or salt just to please others .. maybe we need to throw in the red flag and challenge the results ..

'' Am just saying  ""

the yellow donkey must have shown up, we have gotten used to the pink elephant, he was around long before the cartoon Dumbo was created, so we should be used to  this sort of thing, but since The late Great Clive Bradley passed, and since the band moved from the hill, Desperadoes never sounded this good, "the god's" are not just crazy, they are completly off the chain, or perhaps this is a crazy dream. Silver Stars played 16th notes (semi-quavers) from begining to end without a break, not even some crescendoes like all stars, it was like listening to a drum machine in patern play, whilst the story line was completly absent lost as the melodic lines were phrasing like a double iron playing the proverbial "kip-A-lani-kip-A-lani"  no disrespect to silver stars, I know somebody's gotta win and somebody's gotta lose, but why couldn't it be silver stars, people are begining to big up in TnT look we have a woman prime minister, why we cannot have an American panorama champion arranger, allyuh sure they did not make a mistake, this eh real they might have mixed up the score sheets or something or maybe I am deaf or I might have been listening to a recording of another band and not despers, lord put a han sen a man or come for yuhself 

All the comments so far echo one theme -  that is the Great Despers failed to make it to the finals. People are furious. But this scenario has been repeated countless times before in many arenas. It does not mean that Despers performance was substandard. In only signifies that it did not find favor with the judges. It that so bad?

Despers have won the Panorama so many times that this should not even be an issue. Bandleaders have a responsibility whenever they decide to enter an arena. Give the judges what they want or else.

I remember in the 60's before I came to the US I used to be an arranger for Hilanders in Laventille. Our music was unique. We never went to the Panorama show. People wandered why. One time the sponsors insisted. We went and we came 3rd. That was only to keep the sponsorship. That was the only time. We never went back. Reason was we felt that we could not produce the kind of music the judges wanted. You cant be all things to everybody.


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