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Len "Boogsie" Sharpe speaks on the death of Asami Nagakiya

This is my Japanese protoge and she was on a journey to greatness. What we should all want to know is who planned to rape and strangle her. And what going on with the investigation. Mr Prime Minister and Mr Mayor what we want is for this killer to be brought to justice........

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Thank you. No beating around the bush no crappy sentiment. Lets mobilise the fraternity to get involved and help find her killer. Somebody knows something. Raise your hand... speak up. Time for Action not Sentiment.

Always with a smile. Effervescence choked out of her. Can we really fathom this? I remember a few days ago in one of the dailies,  a picture with Dillon, Williams and other law enforcers walking the streets as if they were the "Magnificient Seven", Let Dillon take his 'architecture' and solve this crime promptly.

Patrick: You (of all people) should know that this crime will not be solved!!!!

Do not be negative you will cause more negativity.

T&T needs Positive, Honest and Caring people .  LOVE is today's sermon.

Claude, I'm positive this crime will be SOLVED, they have the latest crime detection technology. The CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) team pictured at the crime scene and security professionals are capable of scanning their database for a finger print match or DNA. I'm sure the CCTV cameras have the latest face-recognition technology to find the perpetrator. All the millions invested for security and fighting crime will prove you wrong.

That's right! Swift justice...

This has dampened the mood of the season and gave us (Trinbago) a collective "blackeye". The authorities can help us  redeem some measure of confidence by promptly solving this crime in a professional manner. 

This feels like a police boots on meh corn

ABSOLUTELY must get justice for her and for anybody else who was murdered!!!!

I sincerely pray that the culprit or culprits be exposed soon, condolence to her family, friends and the Steelpan fraternity

This degenerate will be found before the Easter guaranteed.... So shall it be ....RIP You will be missed


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