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Lennox Bobby Mohammed 75th Birthday Celebration tomorrow!

Yes, the great man will celebrate his 75th Birthday tomorrow. We will be joining with His Worship Alderman Junia Regrello at the Skiffle Pan Theatre to celebrate Bobby's Birthday. No way we can truly reward him for his outstanding contribution but he has graciously accepted our invitation and is most appreciative of the offer. I invite all the experts on the forum to offer their greetings and give us an insight on their personal perspective on the contribution of Bobby and Guinness Cavaliers!

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The Mayor and Bobby did a taped discussion on the day - lot of insight and memories - it's on You Tube. We have given a commitment that we will honour someone from the Pan Fraternity,annually at Skiffle Pan Theatre.I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended particularly the old timers from Bobby's era and last but not least,thanks to the hardest working Mayor San Fernando has seen to date,His Worship, Alderman Junia Regrello.Hope I'm not accused of being political when I say - 'Great is the Pan Movement and it shall prevail'


Wayne Rahamut

Thanks for the update, Wayne!!! You seem to be an integral part of the commitment, also. WAY TO GO!!!


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