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Let's Talks About Supernovas, Phase II, Desperadoes, All Stars and more

Supernovas jumped from small to large and is kicking butt. I thought their semifinals presentation was awesome. Can they close the gap and win Panorama 2016?


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I am a Renegades supporter and make no apologies. Ruling Renegades and All Stars out of any panorama battle is a big mistake.

We have to applaud Junior Regrello for his foresight and bravery too…Skiffle could be dangerous come final night…

Yea Merrytones, Regrello can breath now. He was getting it from all-sides. Must give the man credit.



If 'Smooth' decides to arrange what he put down last Friday, there could be a shift in placings, however, I see Supernovas taking it this year with Phase 11 a close 2nd, Renegades, Despers, All Stars, Skiffle, Invaders, Redemption.

I am not a Phase II fan, but they were the best by far in the semifinal.  

On a lighter side though…If I were a band captian …..on Finals nite I doh want to play after Supernovas atall atall….I sure that is what lick up Starlift…and even self Supernovas playing last could be even more worries for the rest of the competition…

I'm looking for the Invaders to take it all this year!!  Dynamics, harmony, creativity, energy, balance, vocals. . .it was all there! They are able to say "Take Dat" for a reason!

I think what stood out with this year's Large band finalists for me is a sense of pure fun and enjoyment in the music … Case in point, Phase II, Invaders, Skiffle even Redemption and Supernovas, though the latter was a bit classical, as expected…most of the arrangements weren't "heavy"…yuh know…well at least the "heavy" ones got the deserved treatment….not calling any names...

This arrangement of Boogsie is one of the best and has the possibilities of being the sweetest in years and all Boogsie's arrangements are in a class by itself. Also the pans are one of the best tonal qualities. The composition of high tonal pans, the arrangements so far, the crowd response, the new sponsors, and with one minute of music to add on makes Phase II unstoppable this year. Nothing comes near them. Plus the speed chosen is very fast and without destroying the pans' qualities provides most likely the best of Len Boogsie Sharpe to appear.  This means plenty music riffs  are housed in there write down to the bass. The word MADD has nothing to do with being mad. It means  "Master Arrangements Dominating Distinction. It is the best of how pans should be played and sounded.

I think the scary part of this panorama is still to come. Boogsie didn’t use much of his allotted time as usual but what he did do was make sure he didn’t leave the jam for last like he did last year. Taking the Brass rift AllStars used so successfully last year and arranging around it is smart. The thing is smooth put down only what was necessary to get into the finals and he is very crafty. Zander is defiantly a hidden quantity and Amrit will be in the mix. I say wait until the draw for positions and then decide. AllStars is the only one in recent years who have won form position 1,2 or 3. All in all there will be tears on final night. Take your cut tail and keep quiet.

I just cannot catch that AMRIT FEVER!!!

Phase 11,is playing a perfect , "Carnival,,Trini Panorama,"song nobody can touch it. Boggsie "Rough It up" You know how we do. BLESSINGS.


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