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Let's Talks About Supernovas, Phase II, Desperadoes, All Stars and more

Supernovas jumped from small to large and is kicking butt. I thought their semifinals presentation was awesome. Can they close the gap and win Panorama 2016?


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Many may disagree, But my top 3 bands are the same as most despers, supernovas and phase ll. I did not expect to see renegades in the finals I thought angel harps played better then they did, also I was not impressed with All stars.

Thing is I know Boogsie and Smooth are holding back and will not be playing what we heard on Saturday. 

I hope Zanda and Amrit are also busy upgrading their pieces. This is going to be a tough battle.

Won't be surprised if a long-shot takes the all the marbles.

All stars,,,keep playing almost the same exact arrangement year after year.I just don't get it,they have no flavour,they sound like they are running a race.They will do good for the musical accompliment to the Road Runner cartoons.Now "give jack his jacket"they play their exercise music,tight,and they always look pretty,,,I give them that.Musically they lack substance. Can ANYONE whistle an All Stars song?Besides Woman on the bass. All the best All Stars.BLESSINGS


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