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It's time for ROWLEY and DOLLY to SHUT DOWN Pan Trinbago and start handing over ALL THAT FUNDING to the BIG 5!!!

Doing things right... Carnival TV is jointly owned by Advance Dynamics Limited and Beach House Media Limited, two companies with extensive experience in film and television production. Advance Dynamics has been producing award-winning DVDs of Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival since 2003, while Beach House has broad creative experience, especially in the area of music videos and the development of documentaries.

odw: I am waiting for THE PUNCH -- as Andy Kaufman used to say!!!

From my limited experience with pan, I'd say that this live video brings steelband a long way toward what will be needed to start a new trend of music in the U.S. market; i.e., people who have never even heard of steelband, such as almost every one of my friends here in New Mexico. What I need to introduce them to pan, now, is a properly organized DVD made up of each separate number, indexed and menued by number within unit.* That way I can pick a tune that a specific friend would like, to introduce pan to him or her. It's the only way I can think of to start turning total pan ignoramuses into big fans. Again, I think the quality of the Big 5 video is plenty good enough to at least start that process. By the way, I loved the music and the way the recording brought it out along with the players and the instruments.
*Actually, of course, it wouldn't have to be a DVD. I think there are ways you can organize videos on line within, say, Youtube

Big5 stepping up to the plate.


bugs: BIG 5 looking like KD and Curry!!! Make sure yuh doh mix up the PAN TRINBAGO KD with the WARRIORS KD, eh!!!

Things are being done in the same manner as before.Not much has changed.

I don't quite get why this concert is live streaming if there is a plan afoot to videotape the show and subsequently create a professional video from the collected footage of 3cams. The resulting video supposedly will be monetized to raise more funds ( and steel band music awareness globally)by the Big 5 'e

nterprise towards the stated cause-Cary Codrington's health related expenses.

In  prematurely broadcasting the show on live streaming, the content is immediately in the public domain and anyone can download it and utilize it towards their own personal exploits.

One more time I am witnessing the exploitation of the pan musician. It would seem that the organizers/producers of this event did not fully oversee the legalities,  or think through the risk and potential for loss of the product on the very day it is being created.

If the event is meant to be a fundraiser then there should have been a web site set up where interested persons who are unable to be present should be able to go and pre-order their copy, thereby making a donation towards this worthy cause. Then later on only snippets of the  performance should be accessible, as a  sampler and motivator to  viewers to buy the full product. This valuable product once made accessible on Youtube would be harder to sell after the fact.  

Every one with an internet connection and a smartphone/ or computer, ( and that is almost everyone  among the 7 billion people living on the planet in countries with satellite connectivity can access this product).For Free on Youtube!!

Those who say that they support this effort need to  plan to purchase a copy, with their credit cards etc  to help with this cause. We all need to be supportive. If we can't attend  the least we can do  is to purchase a copy.

This is just the beginning of what could become a beautiful story of crowdfunding by pan lovers for panlovers. Each one helping the other.

I hope it is not too late to  make a different decision, in regard to preventing further exploitation.

I'm sure they did not think it clearly through and  is evidence of a fact of which Claude has already reminded us.

The LOCALS don't CONSULT their EXPAT contemporaries,  or others who are more savvy about such things,or if they do, they do not value the hard earned lessons and experience of EXPATS who would have been able to affect a better outcome and decision making toward monetizing the beautiful music that will definitely result from the efforts  put forth by the  pan musicians of the BIG 5 collaborative concert.

I salute you Big 5. Blessings and best wishes for a great show tomorrow.

PS: In the absence of the web site I have contacted someone from Exodus to make arrangements for submitting my donation.

Lynette Laveau 

Media Arts Entrepreneur/Life Success Coach

Host/Producer of The Callalloo Express Relationships TV show

Lynette: For the LOCALS, the SUN RISES in TRINIDAD and the SUN SETS in TRINIDAD -- until the TRINIDADIAN becomes an EXPAT and suddenly realizes that TRINIDAD IS NOT the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

However, there are many EXPATS who cannot get past the INITIAL CONDITIONING!!!



If there is significant viewership, they will be paid by the ads appearing on YouTube next to their content.

If they sell a DVD or BluRay and the promoters haven't put it up on you tube themselves someone else is guaranteed to in short order, or if not that either recording from their smart phone on YouTube or live on Facebook.  And yes, the promoters can send takedown notices but it is like Wackamole, they just keep popping up. 

So probably the best move is for the promoters to put it up themselves and get what they can from the co placed ads.  In this day and age, DVDs and other hard media are dying, the world is moving to watching streaming media.  They well may make far more off of the ads on YouTube than they will from the DVDs they sell.

Putting it live on the Internet doesn't put it in the public domain, the organization still owns all the copyrights.

You are correct PJJ, the DVD day done.

Nice post Lynette.

Thanks Cecil. I was just voicing my concern over piracy and exploitation. 

I am fully aware that the digital age is moving quickly and that DVDs are done,  the artistes have returned to vinyl because of the unstable DVD medium and are now utilizing streaming media and digital tracks accessible online.

My concern is for(a) protecting the copyright, which by the way was modified recently to become immediately active and legitimate once created online.  and(b) the monetization and marketing of said copyrighted material.


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