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MARCUS ASH: I know that you cannot BAD TALK the JUDGES -- but how dey could PUT a QUALIFIED and TALENTED ARRANGER like LIAM TEAGUE so low down in the SCORING

Marcus: Based on the judges results it just seem like LIAM DOH KNOW NOTHING about PAN MUSIC and CALYPSO and ARRANGING so they have to send him back to SCHOOL to learn about DE TING.

8TH PLACE?????

Maybe is not Liam's fault!!! Maybe the SILVER STARS PLAYERS just doh have the LEVEL OF SKILL required. Or maybe it is the TUNER; maybe the PANS EH TUNE RIGHT.

I would hate to PUT THE BLAME on the DRILL MASTER. But maybe SILVER STARS needs a NEW DRILL MASTER.

Now, if ah say is the FOREIGN BIAS people go get vex with meh; so ah staying away from that. Well, my next litmus test is KENDALL WILLIAMS in the MEDIUM CATEGORY in 2020-- but ah done know how that going and turn out.

In the meantime leh meh listen to that SILVER STARS RAG STORM one more time and see if I find all the FLAWS in the arrangement that cause the band to FINISH QUITE 8TH!!!

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why you trying to drag my panda Mr. ask through the ask.

that city done bun down already.

according to a famous Trinidadian " yesterday was yesterday and today is today "



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