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Meet Gerry Kangalee, author of ‘Out of Pain This Culture Was Born’ - UpClose!

Gerry KangaleeGlobal Gerry Kangalee is the author of the seminal manuscript titled ‘Out of Pain This Culture was Born’ - which should not only be required reading for anyone involved with the steelpan instrument, but mandatory studying for all Trinidad and Tobago citizens - as it documents not only critical moments in Trinidad and Tobago history - but as important - the Trinidad and Tobago experience. In addition, it should be vital reading for Humanities classes that are part of the core curriculum of leading world universities.

In this exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - writer, editor, researcher, historian, and intellectual and critical thinker Gerry Kangalee shares his thoughts on the creation of "Out of Pain This Culture was Born," the steelpan instrument, culture and more.
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“Without new, visionary leadership, we will continue to wallow in the hog pond that we know. This will lead to institutionalized mediocrity and fifty years from now we will still be shouting that we created the Pan; that it is we thing and nobody does it better than we…but we will be shouting from the sideline.”

Well said...Thank you WST

I did not want to write what you wrote, so let me say "I concur". Some have the "institutionalized mediocrity", they fail to recognize it, so they term it "excellence". Sad, indeed!

Is it be possible to edit the interview and the manuscript so that it can be downloaded as a complete pdf-files?

I wouldn't mind transfering some energy via PayPal for these historical facts...

Excellent work Mr. Kangalee. Great interview WST. We are a great people with a fantastic story.



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