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Meet panist Teneisha Campbell from the movie Black Panther - A Tribute To Women In Pan

Meet Teneisha Campbell
Trinidad & Tobago

Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

Teneisha Campbell

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - “I will always have a passion for steelpan because it is engrained in my DNA. It is an incredible art that was created out of brilliance.”

Teneisha Campbell surely knows a thing or two about greatness. Long before her role in the movie Black Panther - one of the great box-office smashes of all time, she was a performing panist for the great Panorama Champions Renegades Steel Orchestra during their three-peat years.

She is a multi-talented musician, screen-writer, actor and performing artist. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - panist Teneisha Campbell shares her thoughts, experiences, opinions and viewpoints on the Steel Pan music art form and more.
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Respect to you Teneisha and all your sisters in  pan.

Much appreciation Teneisha. 

It amazes me to see such a youthful lady with such voluminous experience in the national instrument of T&T in addition to her other exploits. 


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