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Meet Vernon P Morancie - Candidate for President - Pan Trinbago 2018 Elections

I have a diminished slate and it is strategic because of the availability of human resource who would have offered themselves for office. I shall target support for those whom I believe could deliver in the other positions.

President: Vernon P Morancie...Trustees: Roger Thomas and Keith Paul.

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Give it your best shot, sir!!!

We have a question that is NOT BEING ANSWERED, so we would like to give it a try with you:

What's your plan for a more equitable Panorama competition?

Thank you Claude for the welcome to this forum. It is my intention and will to give my best shot in order to sanitize the organisation in the name of Pan Trinbago. It will be a huge task and the Central Executive of Pan Trinbago can not do it alone. It is not about self; it is our organisation and so, all hands are needed on board in order to shape a way forward. Issues and ideas are numerous. However, we need to get together and brainstorm to forge the way forward. This is the mode we have to adopt. I preface my reply by making this declaration to be exposed to constructive criticism from forums like whensteeltalks, if and when i take office as President of Pan Trinbago.

Claude, in respect to your question of 'equitablity' about Panorama Competition, i find it split-ended. I should appreciate if you would give clarity to your question. I do have some issues and concerns by the members that need to be addressed. Notwithstanding, a thorough discussion will and must be had on Panorama Competitions.

I am invited to a debate of the nominated Presidential candidates organised by the Executives of Shell Invaders tomorrow, Sunday October 14th 2018 from (4.00 - 7.00)pm. This will be held at the Queen's Park Oval. I urge you to listen...some of your questions and/or doubts may be cleared. God bless.

Thanks for coming on, again. I will let you go prepare for your BIG DEBATE. And I will try to listen to the program.

The question posed has been discussed ad infinitum on this forum -- so you will get the full understanding of it when it is restated.

Thanks Claude and i look forward to hearing from you.


is that Morancie ?

Is every body here.

mr. Claude you know how much fight down i get for being on WST.

welcome Mr. Moranice, thanks for joining us.

Aquil you could see what they could not.


Mr. Morancie: I like the TONE of your expression. So I am going to give you THE FLOOR by retracting the question that was first put to you. That question was being posed to all the candidates and I just happened to throw it at you when you came on because it was TRENDING.

So let's go back to YOUR AGENDA!!! You tell us YOUR PLANS for PAN TRINBAGO and later down in THE EXCHANGE we can revisit THE CORRUPTION IN PANORAMA where PLAYERS compete against THEMSELVES -- and ting like that.

But between you and me, you already have almost 150 hits on your posting and me and you eh even start to get down to the NITTY GRITTY. So do your business and come back because we have PLENTY TO DISCUSS.

I like you very polite manner of expressing yourself!!!

Vernon,I have been trying to get in touch with you,to let you know you can post your material on Nutones International page.

Oswald Alexander
To:Richard Forteau,Andrew Salvador,Keith Diaz (President),Eastern Region,Northern Region
Oct 13 at 11:55 PM
Mr Richard Forteau

In the spirit of a free and fair elections,I expect that a complete and final list of all financial bands and their respective delegates would be provided to all candidates at the soonest,so that all candidates would be granted a fair opportunity,to canvass all bands and delegates.

This latest list has 301 bands,inclusive of two new members.

It is ironic that Messrs.Forteau (Secretary/Office Manager),Salvador (Treasurer),Sheppard,Joseph,Reid and Augustus named themselves Pantrinbago,and sued the membership,claiming that a petition calling for an extraordinary meeting on April 17, and which resolved to establish an interim executive did not meet the constitutionally required quorum of 60 per cent of the membership.

On May,4th 2018,Justice Boodoosingh gave a ruling on this matter,but as of Friday 12th October,the Secretariat cannot furnish a proper list,so as to determine what is the required quorum.

This level of inefficiency displayed by this present PanTrinbago Executive,is tragically astonishing.

An urgent reply would be greatly appreciated.


Oswald Alexander
Independent candidate for Trustee.

Oswald Alexander
Nutones Steel Orch.

All the best. 

Looking on and weighing while wishing you all the best.


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