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Meet Yasmin Brito - Ontario, Canada - Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

“Time waits on no one. If you enjoy the musical instrument, find a band and become a member. Don’t keep saying “I always wanted to... Just Do It! .....” - Yasmin Brito

At 12 years old she was playing pan in a steelband. And while the neighbors had less than kind things to say about this - she had fun. Much fun - made history by becoming one of the first of the firsts in the annals of pan - an unwitting trailblazer with memories and experiences that have lasted a lifetime. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - panist, mom and former corporate Yasmin Brito shares her joys of her remarkable life long story with Pan, and the steelpan art form.

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Great story Mrs. Brito.


Nice! It is great to see and hear from Yasmin, whom I have know for decades. I am proud (did not know) that Yasmin was perhaps the first "woman on the bass" in a home-town band. I am also glad to see her still active -as an old tenor-man- and sharing her talent. Continued best wishes.



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