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Mighty Composer Passes On...

TTT Live Online
Published on Dec 5, 2018
Veteran calypsonian Fred Mitchell, better known as the Mighty Composer, died on Wednesday morning.

Composer - Leave Meh Man Alone

Mighty Composer - Supposin'

Mighty Composer - Child Training

Mighty Composer - *CACADAH*

Mighty Composer Recipe For Happy Living

Condolences to the Family.

When I was a teenager (15-16) I had a cousin who started taking me to the CALYPSO TENTS. Now, before that, I grew up with a passionate love for calypso (from real small) and the local radio could not play enough calypso to fill my greed.

But I will never forget sitting in the calypso tent for the first time and seeing these singers (like Composer) performing L-I-V-E!!!

The stage, the MC, the LIVE MUSIC BAND, the audience, the atmosphere and the encores -- it was more like L-I-V-E theater to me, than just a CALYPSO TENT. What startled me the most was how they could change the lyrics on the spot (or add verses to the calypso) from what I was hearing on the radio -- because I was always obsessed with memorizing the lyrics.

The MIGHTY COMPOSER always left me SPELLBOUND!!! I could never put my finger on it, but he just seemed to transcend the normal expectation -- for me, at least!!!

I knew Composer when he lived in Marabella , down New City Avenue close to the sea. Durango who sang with the Southern Tent also lived in the same area. A wonderful calypsonian and a genuinely good human being. We played road cricket together and how he loved the game. At one of our sessions over a cold beer he told me about his childhood in Chatham and his love of Calypso. I last saw him under the big tree at The Normandy. He was holding court with Nap Hepburn and Conquerer. We shared a laugh and reminisced about the old days. I remember when he placed second in the Calypso King (as it was known then) contest, he came straight to San Fernando and we talked and shared a cold beer before Jouvert on Coffee Street in San Fernando. Compo loved a good joke and a good story. He was a genuinely good and humble man. May he rest in Peace

Written like a real Sultan -- great passage!!!

The Mighty Composer has died

Veteran calypsonian Fred Mitchell (Mighty Composer), 83,  who had been hospitalised for the past two weeks with a heart condition and other health issues, died on Wednesday morning.

Both Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) president Lutalo (Brother Resistance) Masimba and TUCO welfare officer Carlton Kerr (Calypso Kerr) had called on Trinidad and Tobago to “lift Composer up in prayer”.

Kerr told the Express on Tuesday that Composer was in Ward 312 at Mt Hope Hospital.

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 Another TT Hero who left us with his rich legacy . When the Metric system was introduced Composer sang a Gem about it but I've never heard it since, so please upload if you can . Thanks.


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