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Show ’em you’re world governing body for pan

Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism Dr Lincoln Douglas has challenged the executive of Pan Trinbago to prove to the world that their organisation is “The World Governing Body for Pan”.

The challenge came on Wednesday evening at the Lord Kitchener Auditorium, National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) at the launch of the logo for the International Conference and Panorama 2015. Pan Trinbago proposes to hold the first International Conference and Panorama (ICP) in 2015, from August 6 to 9. University of the West Indies, St Augustine (UWI) pro vice chancellor and principal Prof Clement Sankat is the Patron of the ICP. The conference will deal with topics such as The History and Development of Pan, The Science of the Instrument and the Applications used, Recent Developments of the Instrument.


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Pan Trinbago always need money they are very good at begging, they don't tell us how they spend whatever they make after the carnival season but we hear from them when they need more.

Exactly, Cecil.  The fundamental  problem is one of accountability!



I'm sure with this Heritage Lottery Company, their accountants will allow transparency by showing  the IPC winners how they are going to invest the 10% from their prize money or how they are using it for future IPC competitions.


I would not put one cent in the hands of PT  at this point, let them have an election first.

Why do they need to be accountable or transparent, they are a law unto themselves, ent... ;-) Cap in hand, then divvy up the proceeds to their minions is the modus operandi and creed of the current PT lot... http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/Pan-Trinbago-needs-25m-for-2015...

It is in the best interest of Pan Trinbago executive to call an election as soon as possible, with that out of the way we all can work toward a better day for everything pan, but they are too arrogant to see that, they prefer to use the courts to prolong their rule.

What I can't  understand is why Pantrinbago Plan things without having money in the Budget(on hand not on Paper), the same thing with the Music Festival they plan without having money in the budget that's why these Pan people have not been paid,  I foresee the same thing happening with the upcoming International Panorama, Have Money on Hand and not on Paper.


The government money belongs to PanTrinbago all they do is say how much they want.

Can anyone tell us what is the total amount of funds PT received from the government last year?


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