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The Minister of National Security declared on national TV that whether it is 1 or 3 steelbands, to him, it's the same NOISE.  He says he can't tell the difference.  It hurts when you know the sacrifices and hardwork that pannists undergo to produce good music.  To me that comment is serious and a heavy pounding for pan.  How come everybody is so silent?

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Patrick, I will stick to my guns that there are "pan dotish" people out there. When you listen to their statements and descriptions/analysis of pan, you can tell that they need to be educated about the national instrument.I can fill this forum with many examples. You play a two note pan.How many  know the name or what it does and you would not like to hear their description(s) of other instruments,especially when foreigners ask about how pan instruments are made.I can tell you from my travels and my work involvement that MANY foreigners are more up to date and in tune than our very own. They are doing more research than our very own and we need to take this art form more seriously and not just a panorama thing.If my statement is hitting anyone hard then take the lash and wake up.I STAND BY IT!

Spiceman (Emile Borde) you must write on this forum more often.

Oswald, check TV6 for the clip. Many heard what he said.

Gerard,I did check TV6 site and found no trace of this story

No one who heard the comment have ventured to quote Jack.

It also struck me as funny,that no steelband or Pantrinbago has taken issue to Jack's "pan is noise" comment  

it was on Monday or Tuesday and also a topic at our panyard, but really I don't see the need for the forum beating this when there are other things that need views expressed

Well said Spiceman. Claude Gonzalse you seem like some kind of a wind up merchant out to get kicks. I would suggest anyone with sense just bypass any further comments made by Claude Gonzales as he seem more interested in making Friends with Minister Jack than Pan. Er.. I don't think our beloved Minister Jack is going to see your comments on here brother Claude. You may need to try other avenues. I am sure you will get to shake his hand over a glass of scotch one fine day. #jusayin

Claude boi! Ah see yuh gettin some pong. Ah go pass by Cecil in St. James tuh help yuh out! Lol.


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