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My GUESSTIMATE is that about $40,000,000 was SPENT on PANORAMA 2019 -- and what do we have to show for it!!!

That $40,000,000 could have BUILT OUT a massive EVENTS CENTER/HEADQUARTERS which in turn could have generated at least a 10% annual CASH ON CASH (ROI) -- forever and ever ... AMEN!!!

Not to mention all the BENEFITS to the STEELBAND COMMUNITY!!!


Well, maybe not!!! 2020 is an ELECTION YEAR so I am sure that the GOVERNMENT HANDOUT might go back up to about $25,000,000 to $30,000,000!!!

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ME BOI!! I have no say on any PTB proposed project. But if the Madame say do so, raising to the challenge I have no problems with. I would volunteer fuh free on this! Just LOVE meh PAN!

Its TIME for all Steelbands, Pan Trinbago, TTT and WACK to study the LIVE STREAMING business...GAMERS are way ahead on how the system/business WORKS...EA reportedly paid Ninja $1 million to stream 'Apex Legends'

It's a gigantic amount for a relatively short amount of gameplay.

For some its like a soccer game, people pay to WATCH him play on a LIVE STREAM. He has millions of followers.

"That's a large amount even for Ninja. He acknowledged to CNN in December that he was making $500,000 per month (more "on a good month"), but that's split between Twitch, YouTube and sponsorships. This was twice as much for a single Twitch stream."



Daquan made $8 million total income from online gaming last year.

Daquan Funny Moments - TSM Daequan Compilation Fortnite ( funniest moments )

This is so true ODW. Some of the best coverage and streaming we saw of the Trinidad 2019 carnival was done by gamers.  In fact one of the gamers WST followed was joking about much better his phone steam of Carnival was than TTT. 

Thanks PT, need more discussion on QUALITY and DELIVERY of SERVICE for the user (viewers). If we can only get the powers that be to PROMOTE the PANORAMA product like a BUSINESS and develop marketing strategies to INCREASE viewership across the GLOBE, Steelbands and Pan Musicians will be able to see greater returns for their Investment. 

 Here's a marketing strategy Microsoft been using in their stores. Esports to get gamers to buy into their products. On Friday evenings they host tournaments for kids to compete for prize money. In return they get kids to use their prize money (gift card$) to buy their products.

The esports industry economy is expected to hit $1.65 billion by 2021, fueled by nearly 250 million esports enthusiasts and another 307 million casual viewers. That revenue and viewer forecast could get even higher based on heavy-hitters like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds officially entering the esports arena in 2019. Whether you’re not familiar with esports or you’re a dedicated longtime fan, we’ve compiled a list of the esports games to watch out for this year.



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