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NACC for awarding 'Savannah Grass' the Calypso of the year 2019

Message From Kes

Thank you NACC for awarding 'Savannah Grass' the Calypso of the year 2019  Great is the artform  Give thanks to everyone who made this song a reality . Production by @popartshaw  Written by @kesthebandofficial and @popartshaw Vocal production @dwala_ Mixed and Mastered by @madman_johann Music video by @olliethemilne and @shanedhos ...... Thank you Daddy for believing in this from the moment I shared it with you ... and to all the people , all over the world , who hold this song deep in their hearts . Love y'all . Thank you 

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To Kes:

Firstly, congratulations to you on your award...Nuff respect.

Secondly, it is nice to see T&T recognizing its artistes.

Best wishes for 2020...stay strong!

Congrats 100 %

Congratulations. Hope you can do it again.


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