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National Panorama 2020 Finals - Order of Appearance: Large Conventional Bands

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Lord Kitchener - Earthquake - Rhyner's Soca Earthquake (1994) - TTT


Let's hope we have good weather on the weekend.

"How could one band, shake dis big land? .... "  ~ Lord Kitchener

Nice touch again, sir.

Dr. deLight:

 Eye doh consider myself ah seer-man, I do have 2020 VISION, all who horning is judgment day fuh dem,  GOD is ah Trini. I expect DIVINE INTERVENTION to occur, like Ras Shorty I, Eye want more SOKAH, de Promoter know Eye is ah Trini, Trini to debone.  Who knows Eye cud be Wrong Again.

Thankful for the blessings!

Ella Andall - Pan Is Meh Jumbie

Robert Greenidge: Steel Drums (Pans)

LoL. Yuh eh easy nah, ODW. I hear yah. Irie, marn.
You may not consider yuhself a seer-man; but, your vatic declaration is already on file on another post. You probably doh recall right now.

But you will remember if (and when) one band is dearly promoted to 2nd spot.
You did mention protege and son. Can you imagine a tie? There would be no better reason to celebrate what would have been a 70th birthday come Feb 24th.

Ire Breds, eye mon thinks deeply. In Life there are HISTORY, MYSTERY and CHOICES.

Let's wait and see if dem JUDGES get spirit-lash and tie dem up.

CREDIT Bugs for his insight and analysis...

You Madd -- Top Panorama 4

Posted by Bugs on February 15, 2020 at 8:03am in Panorama


Jit Samaroo's Portraits in Steel

Check meh:—

On Feb 9, 2020 @ 8:15pm, Bugs was, and as far as I can tell, is the only person to call out and hail Supernovas after the semi-finals.

Twelve minutes later, @ 8:27pm, I responded in complete agreement. I was pleasantly astounded at what I heard from Supernovas.

Check it —

The fruit doh fall too far from the tree, nah.

We await the 'spirits'.  :-)


Dr deLight, playing in last position Hell Yard, ah tell yuh real JUMBIE business...

Trinidad All Stars - The Power of Music (slow version)

Lord Kitchener - The Power of Music

Look ODW:

Jess giv meh the 6 Numbers for the Lotto — and we go call dat, ... not "George", but 'Jumbie'. Or rite, seer-man? ;-)

Ok let's all let their cards on the table...Pick 1 to 5.

My five is 1. All Stars 2. Renegades 3.Invaders 4.Desperadoes 5.Exodus. probably reversing Despers and Exo.


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