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The musically talented and college grad Andre White is now the arranger for the Santa Cruz band Pamberri . He is a good friend of mines from New York and when I spoke to him yesterday he was in Trinidad making the final arrangements. If you remember Andre or Dre as we call him once arranged for Desperadoes. His band placed second behind Radoes in the 2016 NY Panorama and his band has been doing great in the U.K. I am so happy that he is getting a chance to prove himself and Pamberri has been struggling in recent year. Good luck Dre.

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London: I eh able with you and bugs!!! I surrender!!! But is meh best friend merrytonestothebone who will never ever get ah chance to arrange for a big band that paying the price.

Bring all the foreign arrangers allyuh want!!!

Claude....what bacchanal yuh putting meh in now bro?...Yuh like to hear people pong meh or wha?...In Trinidad all bands have the right to choose whoever they want to arrange for them...although doesn't seem to be the case in some Caribbean islands. I too have questioned NY and London and even Tobago's dependence on Trinidad-born arrangers, since I see it as stunting the growth of  their own local talent. But, the almighty dollar dictates Steelbands' actions, especially where Trinidad Panorama is concerned.

At least too somebody has been paying attention to Andre's quality. Desperadoes and later on Starlift miss the boat big time...they both had access to him too...But say wha...to each his own. The value I see in Andre White is his age. Given what I have heard from him already...and being so young too?...Master stroke by Pamberi...

Excellent choice. Check out Andre's arrangement of 2016 "Cheers to Life" NY Panorama. The mecca's panorama didn't come close. With LFT in town with Fonclaire, should be interesting. BTW Is there a Panorama 2018??

Patrick Ramdoo: Yuh have ah real NEW YORK BIAS boy!!!

Every which way, Claude.

Congrats to Andre. I hope it's long term, to give him time to retool the band that once raised dust! A sponsor would be great. Excellent opportunity and challenge, albeit the competition in the Medium category is extremely keen.

****Sooooooo it's OK for T&T arrangers to go to NYC to arrange for bands for Labor Day Carnival, but noooooo we doh want allyuh coming down here to "take away wuk from we local arrangers?"

Noble please don't let Claude get your blood pressure up. He is really a good guy. But ever since King James gave him this concussion in the NBA finals last year he has been behaving strangely.

What Claude doesn't realize is that all through the late 80's, 90's and early 2000's New York kids were devoting their Summers to attending the University of Clive Bradley, University of Pelham Goddard, University of Professor Philmore in the New York Panyards, University of Robert Greenidge, and the University of Len "Boogsie" Sharpe. Now those seeds that were planted are bearing serious fruit. Bradley would always say he could take those Pantonic kids and beat any band in Trinidad. All this have Claude vex.

And at the same time Trinidad was debating if they like Pan. And they let gangstas like Rolly Polly destroy the fabric of Trinidad Pan.

Excellent choice!

This gentleman Mr.Bugs,Seem to Understand Mr.Claude very well,he probably has a degree in psychology,and possibly medical training,had i not understood the analytical Diagnosis of Mr.Claude by Mr.Bugs,his Patient seemingly, I probably would of been affected by that infectious disease; thanks Mr.Bugs! or, maybe they both have their degrees and share the same Office for their Patient therapy Practice of Psycho Therapeutic out patient services. I must say though,that { the Infectious Convenient Schizophrenia },that has affected the Pituitary Gland in quite a few may have been damaged without repair, possibly causing Permanent damage to the thought process.  Under these conditions damage to growth is experienced,thereby stimulating stagnation of the thought process,requesting,as it relates to local Trinidadian Arrangers,as opposed to Foreign Arrangers,which undoubtedly indirectly has the pan players in a permanent state of confusion after another Local Expat so called, gets his share of $150,00 as the Pan players play their hearts out to come first,high HOPES ! and an authorized Local Expat Foreign Bandit Strikes again,wait a minute, Did i say Local Expat Foreign ah does really get confuse with which is who or what,but anyhow its my opinion that Mr.Andre White be totally respected as an arranger competitive to arrange in Trinidad and Tobago and Internationally as he should of been previously !!!!  Local and foreign are no strangers,they alternate States,so love thyself first its healthy,and try to escape from Post Traumatic Slave Disorder ! until next time ah doing some Research on ah Foreigner name Stokely Carmichael From Trinidad,later nah !!!

"Loving thyself and trying to escape Post Traumatic Slave Disorder"...

Steelband Music Festival 1980 Arranger Desmond Waithe.

All the best to you Andre White play your music man , I know you have a lot to offer the world musically .... bring it on don't stop now .


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