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Come guys. Lets try to improvise rather than criticize. If anyone has positive and novel suggestions for Beverly to make the Panorama experience better for both players and pan men lets have them. I'm sure she will appreciate ideas that will help PanTrinbago do a better job.

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Mr.. Dupres!!! BEVERLEY is a MAXIMUM LEADER!!! She does not heed any advice from ANYBODY -- she is TRUMP SQUARED!!! I am sure that you have heard and read about her VAST BUSINESS BACKGROUND and her TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP which is going to turn PAN TRINBAGO into a BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION.

If you were running PAN TRINBAGO would your sole focus be PANORAMA? And after 7 months (of silence and 200 meetings) would your only game plan have been to CHANGE PANORAMA? And should PAN TRINBAGO be just about PANORAMA? Would you have gone seven months without a PRO?

I think that your last sentence is COMPLETELY WRONG; and I think that you should build better a psychological profile of BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE before you try to sell your image of her.

Here is something to think about on viewership, looking at a REVENUE STREAM...same up-loader on Youtube. Which product Junior Panorama or Large Band Panorama will/could attract a bigger following???

Any explanation on HOW this Jr Panorama 2nd place winner was able to attract more viewership then the Large bands in the Finals. A difference of 26k more views than Renegades the champion ??? 

Bp Renegades Win Panorama 2019

Desperadoes Take 2nd Place in Panorama Finals 2019


Panorama Finals 2019 - Trinidad All Stars - So Long


Nailah in Tears After El Dorado Secondary Performs Iron Love 2nd place winner


The numbers don't lie.

On a similar note. When you look at the WST Panorama finals result charts. It paints a very clear picture in terms of what the world is interested in. large band 2.3k shares,  medium band 664 shares, small band 436 shares.

Again the numbers don't lie.



That is not an accurate statement. For the top 3 bands, there are a number of streams of the finals, some professionally done and other with phones and camcorders. I was one of the first to put up a stream of Trinidad All Stars, minutes after their performance with 59 thousand views along with seven others with a minimum view of 35 Thousand views for Living Big on A Tiny Island production.
Now I am only talking about All Stars and I am sure Renegades had similar viewership for their productions and fans. Let us just look at the numbers taking the least viewed stream of 33 thousand 957 and times it by 7 you get 237 Thousand 699 views. Against one stream of Nailah Blackman crying of 136,273.
What would be needed is censorship on broadcast if you want to go down that road, and doing that with the internet would be almost impossible. Have a look at my YouTube site at Maxman365 for proof. 

What image am I trying to sell? That she and her team might listen to good ideas for a better Panorama? I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now, even if you won't. She's in charge Claude by the overwhelming wish of the community.  And not moving until when. So lets encourage members to offer other suggestions, besides hers, for a better Panorama next year. And add yours too.

A great idea which I as an enthusiast support. I believe, 5-6 months planning is too short. Therefore it should be carded for  Panorama 2021 to minimize problems and losses.


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