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I've come to understand and through my own investigation and calculations, that it seems like we have some Panorama Badjohns as Officials. Why is it that in individual and different sectors i am hearing of bands who have been either bullied into the "holding bay" before they got on stage or in terms of the single pan catergory, bands that were stopped from rehearsing and rushed to the judging point. 9 out of the 11 bands (who i know of) who either protested or didnt fully comply lossed enough points to take them out of the competition when one or two of these bands were as far up the ladder as 3rd place overall.

Some members have quoted these Panorama Officials on the drag, as stating things to the bands that can actually be taken as threats.


Utterances like "Allyuh doh move up now and you will see" & "It have no more practicing here, when we say to move allyuh better move"


Taking into consideration that we all want the competition to move smoothly, i totally agree. However, this is the 21st century, 2011 to be exact, for those of you who believe pan is the same place it was 50yrs ago, you need not even bother to comment. Pan has grown and likewise we would hope the competitions would have done the same.


Why cant we seem to have fair play even though its a competition?? why is it that some bands are being allowed to rehearse that "EXTRA" time, and NO ONE cant tell them to move their pans?? Why is it that these bands are only the ones with the "BIG NAMES"??


Panorama is sooo subjective that before bands even perform they are judged. From the officials who have their own grudges, favorites, etc.. to the Judges who looking at the condition of pans (chrome, painted) Uniforms, etc.. Let's stop it.


I have pledge to become an advocate for every band that feel they too small or too afraid to take on this MONSTER we have as PAN TRINBAGO.

In closing, I shall start with those incompetent judges who have the audacity to penalize bands for what is not their fault - Imagine a Judge wrote on a score sheet of a band " We do not know the song".


This kind of nonsense ENDS HERE...


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I applaud you Bro..... many will agree enough is enough!!!!.....
I totally agree with your statements, however, people shouldn't expect anything to change until bands start to boycott the panorama and force the change as the Pan Trinbago executive doesn't seem to see a problem.
Jeston Lett,do you believe in the tooth fairy,?Do you believe in Santa Claus?Do you believe that morocoys could fly?If the answer to any of the above is "No" then how the hell you could believe that one day we will get honest Panorama Judges?

Because in the Year 2011, there are many mechanisms that can make it TRANSPARENT, and that would weed out the CRIMINALS we call Judges, and assist in having a 'normal' Panorama.

People NEED to understand my point, i don't expect things to change overnight. I not gonna die trying to have a 100% clean panorama, BUT what im not gonna sit back and watch is bands GET Blatantly ROB and they can't do anything.

I dont think pan people NEED honest judges but just some who know what they doing. Over the past few years that clearly hasn;t been happening.

Bouy, my pan pips I hear you. I  thought it was only in London that  this shit was happening, but obviously not. 

I totally agree with your comments. 

For now Peace Love Steel pan...

Still in stiches on that one.. but I get the underlying message..

First of all...I eh no judge.  I cyah read nor write music but I play and love pan. 


But...."We do not know the song" is a fair comment IMO. 


I found this link on what judges look for in a Panorama arrangement: http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2005/rules/def.htm


If these rules are still in place, and assuming that the band in question is playing a selection that is not one of the more "popular" songs...what do bands do to ensure that the judges at least have a recording of their tune of choice?


Ah mean...it have bout 86 million "pan tune" fuh judges to familiarize demselves wit.  How are they going to do that?   


Trying to put myself in the judges chair, you're supposed to judge an interpretation and arrangement of a melody you never hear prior to it being played on the stage.  You have to guess what is verse and what is chorus and good luck once the arrangement start.  Leh we say de band soundin great...but what yuh really judgin when it comes to arrangement?  If you're not familiar with the melody what yuh really judgin when it come to reharmonization, melodic and motivic development?


And this is not a new ting.  Boogsie used to take lixxx back in de day because of de same ting.  Ray Holman before him.  Judges complain dat dey don't know de tune.  The response to that was getting airplay for yuh own tune.  Prior to the "pan tune" competition, the number of "own tunes" were realtively small.  But once that competition came into being, everybody had a pan tune.  So now judges...instead of having to be familiar with a relatively small represenation of music, yuh now have a whole setta music to take een.  Composers and bands realising the dilemma would then pass a tape (back in the cassette days) or now a cd by a judge to try and give dem something so that they could hear.  Some judges are diligent in listening...and others cyah listen and digest the sheer volume of work out there.


Now...maybe a musicologist supposed to know and decipher what is melody (verse and chorus) and instantly recognise it when de arranger start reharmonizin etc jes because of all de trainin dem do.  In dat case, yuh would have a great point.  But if dat is not de case, what is a judge to do?  Give yuh points for general performance, tone and rhythm and mark yuh to de best of dey ability on arrangement.  But to dis layman, it seems unlikely to be high in the arrangement category if they not familiar with the tune.



MAN OR WOMAN.. ARE YOU SNIFFING SOMETHING??? The organizers (pan Trinbago) are supposed to ENSURE that the judges are outfitted with a compilation of the sounds they going to judge.

Firstly, it could have 10 Billion pan songs, based on Registration of what the bands submit as their tune of choice it usually boils down to nothing more than 20. On top of that, each catergory has a seperate panel which means for SMALL BAND if there is 40 bands in prelims, it usually ends up being, 5 bands playing A, 6 Bands playing B, 2 Bands playing C and soo on. So for each PANEL how hard could it be for PAN TRINBAGO to make a compilation in this day of $2 CD..

Your rationalization and comparison for what took playin 15 - 20 years ago when not even the Players themselves used to know the songs they playing until they reach savannah GONE. With such a brilliant website and hardwork of the WST team to get 99% of every pan song and judges want to complain that they dont know it. POOR EXCUSE TO CALL YOURSELF A JUDGE. Thats part of THEIR JOB.

Finally on this topic, the band im talking about played the song via PA system on the night in their panyard, IF the judges felt they could judge them fairly because THEY dont know the song LET THE OFFICALS KNOW..


SO TO END MY REPLY.. You strengthen my point.. "If you're not familiar with the melody what yuh really judgin when it come to reharmonization, melodic and motivic development?"  So what are the really Judging and as a LAYMAN (as you put it) is that FAIR to sit in that chair PRETENDING you judging me, when you really clueless to what im offering.. In other words, since they cant judge the arrangement, it could have possibly be the winning arrangement but never made pass prelims because they choose to play their own song???



Please let me interject a piece of info into this discussion.  THE IDEA THAT A JUDGE DOES NOT KNOW A TUNE, PUTS A BAND AT A DISADVANTAGE IS A BUNCH OF CRAP.  When the piece is being performed in competition, right after the intro the band plays the tune as song by the artist.  It has no arrangement, no bells or whistles.  It is played 'PLAIN JANE'.  This in musical terms is called the presentation.  This says to the judge, "THIS IS THE SONG I HAVE SELECTED TO PLAY".  It is where the judge, if he is worth the salt in his food, familiarizes himself with the basic tune.  When you get into the actual arrangement, that says to the judge, "THIS IS WHAT I HAVE DONE WITH IT.  Plain and simple, it is not rocket science. 




yes, true. the only point being debated here is that one of the judges DEDUCTED POINTS from a band's score and themself, gave the reason why they did so, as: "they did not know the tune"  --  now THAT, is what is a "bunch of crap."  


In response to that being used as a reason for giving a low score, we are saying that is just a CRAP excuse -- because if said judge felt it was important to know the tune in order to give points,  they could easily have done so.




Aren't the judges musical directors and can listen to the songs.They should be able to tell the difference in sounds.Isn't that each pan has to play out some part of the tune .Please correct me if I'm wrong.Take for instance Despers plays good music and this year I was shocked to hear their performance.It was total confusion,no matter how much I love a band if they played terrible I am not saying they were good  .The introduction was far from the mix in the tune,also it needed more pep in the verses.When Siparia Deltones played the same tune you got every mix playing the tune from the tenors to the bass beautiful blending well orchestrated

Rhonda, we would like to THINK or even HOPE the judges are musical directors. I have good sources that tell me One Judge, on TWO attempts failed a class name -  Pan ARRANGEMENT in UWI.. BUT He/She has to judge and comment, more so give proper feedback to arrangers on their own arrangement.




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